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Real name: Kadyn Ifreann Storm (Kadyn means fighter and Ifreann literally means hell in Gaelic)

CP name: Dragon

Home/origin: Unknown, first memories are of being in Scotland

Birthday: May 5th cause she chose it…

Age: Unknown, but in late teens/early twenties in appearance…

Hair: Long (mid back), blood red, wavy

Skin: Tan with black scales on hands, forearms, feet, and lower legs

Eyes: Gold/Orange with slit pupil, but not able to be seen through her mask

Outfit: Orange short sleeve t-shirt and dark red skinny jeans with rips in the knees, when it gets cold she has a black leather jacket she’ll wear, no shoes due to clawed feet, mask is a combination of Masky’s and Toby’s. The top part is identical to Masky’s without the eyebrows and the bottom part is a grate similar to Ticci-Toby’s.

Weapons: Matches, glass balls about the size of her fist filled with elemental phosphorus (elemental phosphorus is what causes matches to burn, it ignites when it comes in contact with the air), and C4 (common military grade plastic explosive) if she can get her claws on it…

Abilities: Clawed hands and feet are razor sharp. They must be sanded/used frequently so as not to become too long and unmanageable. The claws on her feet prevent her from wearing shoes. These make her a very lethal hand to hand fighter. Her venom glands contain a weak toxin, only good at causing slight pain. However, her ability to spit the venom combined with her love of matches leads to her being able to breathe very large amounts of fire. Her aim however, is not the best and she only uses this ability when necessary. The scales on her arms and legs act as decent shin and arm guards but are by no means impenetrable.

Known Backstory: Doesn’t remember her birth parents at all. Her first memories are of waking up in a steel cage roughly the size of a dog crate when she was roughly 10 years old with her venom glands. Trapped in an ‘institution’, she was experimented on continuously. Scientists revealed that their ultimate goal was to create a dragon humanoid. Slowly built her strength with each mutation/modification that was forced on her, she escaped after setting the place a blaze.

Jobs: Is frequently called in to play “Clean up Crew” when one of the other CPs makes too much of a mess, due to her fire breathing ability being able to burn almost anything. She is willing to kill anyone for the right price, but prefers to kill adults (particularly abusive ones) due to what little she remembers of her past.

Romantic Interests: Laughing Jack and Eyeless Jack

Personality: A very dark sense of humor (she would have fun at LJ’s circus), pyromaniac, doesn’t socialize very well due to isolation as a child, needs a decent amount of HER time daily otherwise she gets cranky, has a lethal sweet tooth (particularly maple candies and chocolate), hydrophobic due to her fire abilities (fire and water do not mix well in her case), thus she prefers steam showers over regular ones, she has three categories she puts people in 1) allies (these she will protect with all she has), 2) neutrals (she’ll protect them if she knows she can save them but isn’t going to risk her hide for them), and 3) idiots/enemies (considers stupidity as disease and the carriers must die, unless one of her allies wants them alive). Suffers from some abandonment issues due to having no memory of her birth parents (this bonds her with LJ as she loves to kill/maim/scar the hell out of kids who take their family for granted)

Likes: Fire, snakes, lizards, blood, chaos, chocolate, sweets, mythology (The name dragon wasn’t a clue?), science (particularly chemistry, better understanding of science allows her to burn things more effectively), Sally (she treats her like a younger sister), explosives, the colors red, black, and orange,

Dislikes: Jeff and Jane (thinks they’re both idiots and unoriginal), hydrophobic (she’s worse than BEN), Biologists and doctors, the color white (the color of all the walls of the institution), Offenderman (he behaves around her only after she threatened to and eventually did burn on of his tentacles off, he leaves her alone now), Trenderman (prefers comfort over style any day)

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