December 5 - Teito Ramsey Picture

Boy, this first week was chock full of gloomies and crazies.

"So I'm a "monster", huh? ... Just what I've always dreamed of."

Names / Aliases: Teito Barnabas Ramsey
Hair: white, shaggy, medium length
Eyes:yellow, bright, energetic, predatory
Body Type: decent height, lanky, some muscle definition
Species: Human
approximate age: late teens - seventeen-eighteen
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Straight
Words that describe: Anarchistic, Monster fanatic, cannibal, bomber
Defining features: sharp canines, blackened eyelids

December Fifth brings a rather unique psycho to the table, a Mr. Teito Barnabas Ramsey. He is a bomb-crazy, chaotic teenager with cannibalistic tendencies and tends to play as a bit of a wild card. Good or evil, right or wrong... none of that stuff matters much to him. He just wants to live a life where he gets to do as he pleases.

Playing that to his advantage, Nashi has recruited Teito as one of his many pawns to aid him in destruction and domination. However, even Nashi has little control over the spastic psycho, as Teito's moods shift as often as his short attention span, and to make matters worse, his issues with authority trumps any willingness to reliably serve Nashi in exchange for being allowed free rein otherwise.

However, it's a fairly simple matter to pique his interest in anything, so long as it involves the mention of bombs, sheer chaos, or monsters. An experienced hand will include all three just for good measure.

Teito's one true obsession that trumps even his love for crafting unique and effective explosives is his neverending fascination and dreams tied to the stories and existence of monsters. Before he ever realized his affection for chaos and explosions, he was always collecting and studying the latest research on any remotely mythological or fantastical creature, hoping that weeding out the truth from the lies could eventually grant him a meeting with a creature from the fabled Other World.

As it turned out, it required him discovering the animal side in him to be immersed in a dream world of mutants, monsters and demons.

He discovered this side, and realized his affection for bombs, after being pushed over the edge in his second year of high school. Verbally abused by his father for much of his life, and endlessly tormented by his schoolmates for his "delusions" and obsession with monsters, he finally snapped when the bullies in his class shredded his note book, his compiled monster compendium from years of studying. He thrashed his tormentors half to death then and there, and after being suspended from school, returned to the grounds the next day to show the whole community what an explosive personality a monster freak could have.

It was around this time Nashi took him under his demonic wing, and as a result under his protection from the law. (Nashi has some control of dimensional barriers, and has some impressive blackmail and sway he holds with the police. His headquarters, his immense mansion, holds its place simulteaneously existing in several similar dimensions, and has doors in the basement that provide even more exits for emergencies.)

His somewhat twisted trait of cannibalism is probably the quietest aspect of him, only really showing itself in his preferred diet. Failing to get any human meat, burnt or raw, he turns to raw meat, and fantasizes about being a human-eating monster whilst munching on his favorite sugar treat of gingerbread men.

The blackened lids around Teito's eyes tell of his insanity earned by being worn down, and of a frequent insomnia he encounters due to his obsessive nature. His unusually sharpened canines suggest a non-human origin in his bloodline, but nothing has revealed itself as of yet. He is a near doppelganger of Tetsuo Higashiyama, who will be revealed later this month, and frequently pairs up with another crazed near-doppelganger for all sorts of mischief, an unstable witch who goes by the name of Emily (his opposite number for Jan. 5th).

Talking of names, I'd just like to say that I had no part in giving him the name Barnabas. Although thinking back on his origin, I never really had much say in his first name Teito either, but that one I at least wholeheartedly approve of for him. After I realized his last name of Ramsey (a name I waffled on for a while before, unable to think of anything that resonated better, finally choosing it) A voice in my head, most likely his, insisted that his middle name was Barnabas.
A war ensued for the rest of the day before I finally realized he wasn't budging on this.
Nothing personal against the name Barnabas (I apologize to any Barnabases out there who take offense) - It just screams to me, 'country bumpkin'. That's all. Teito, on the other hand, seems to think it's the coolest name ever, especially in tandem with his first and last names, which I think have a cool, 'alternate mystical, action-packed world' feel to them.

I've since given up on any hope of changing his mind, and now use it as an opportunity to laugh at him on occasion, as well as a good anecdote that presents an example of my characters and their little moments of complete independence from me, despite being figments of my imagination.

Like Kenji on December Fourth, I had no reference for the hand grenade, so sorry if it's inaccurate.

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