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These events take place in the Earth Psi reality.

His name is Vajra. He has no other. Y’all remember Malkira? Well this is Malkira 2.0. The human now known as Vajra was once a simple Indian boy living in his home country. However, he and several youths were abducted one night by the Asiatic Confederacy for an experiment. After their first specimen escaped, the scientist of the confederacy wished to create a better prototype than their original. After a series of grueling and horrific tests and drugs administered, the child was transformed into Vajra. He was sent to eliminate the princess of the German Empire, Avalerion, so that the Asiatic Confederacy could claim all of the Empire’s land as their own. While Vajra initially went with the plan and nearly succeeded in killing Avalerion, his human conscious broke through before he could kill and subsequently he didn’t kill her. Instead, he begged for forgiveness and asked to atone for his sins. She told the soldier that he must now serve her as a member of the Griewenwaldian Royal Guard and that he must go to the palace with a letter of recommendation written by the princess for his approval. Vajra now serves as a part of the Royal Guard and now instead helps the citizens whose empire he tried to previously topple.

Being a small child with almost godly power can be something a predicament. Vajra has to control his emotions all the time otherwise, his powers would cause untold chaos and discord to happen. Much like a child, he has many short-lived obsessions that somewhat annoy the rest of his much more mature team.

  • Unique Physiology: Because he was made into a godlike supersoldier, Vajra has several abilities including:

    • Superhuman Healing: While not invulnerable, Vajra is able to heal instantly from himself from injury. He is not like Wolverine form X-Men. A large enough bomb-blast, energy-based attack, impact force, or internal damage will eventually kill him but he is able to survive projectiles such small caliber bullets and heal from cuts and slashes rather quickly.

    • Longevity: While not immortal, Vajra’s lifespan has been increased by an unknown amount of years compared to the average human.

    • Enhanced Senses: Vajra is able to perceive sights, smells, tastes, touch, and sounds at a superhumanly accelerated rate.

    • Self-Sustenance: Vajra no longer requires sleep, food, or rest. However, he does still require oxygen.

      • Superhuman Endurance: As long as he has a steady supply of breathable air, Vajra is able to never stop exerting himself.

    • Superhuman Intelligence: Vajra’s brain capacity and processing are far superior to normal humans, allowing him to memorize data and make calculations almost at the rate of a supercomputer.

    • Superhuman Speed: Vajra is able to travel at 864 mph, which is the normal speed he uses. It is possible for him reach much faster speeds though the exact limits are unknown at this time.

    • Gravity Manipulation: Vajra is able to harness gravity to either:

      • Reduce gravity around him allowing him to make superhuman leaps

      • Increase gravity around his opponents, making them fall to the ground.

Vajra is Indian

Vajra gets his name from the mythological Indian term for lightning that is also used as a weapon, similar to Zeus and his thunderbolts.

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