Sera - Nekomata Succubus Princess Picture


Name: Sera

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Race: Hybrid between Succubus and Nekomata

Status: Princess to the Demon World


In the realm of Demon World lives all of Man's worst fears in their mythology. Ironic to Man though, these demons are not what they claim to be. In the reign of a young Succubuss princess-soon-to-be queen Maria, this Succubus fell in love with a Nekomata, which was common in the Demon World as Succubus will choose any young male of any race to be their permanent mating partners (Succubus require large harem of young men, though these men's purpose are just to satsify a Succubus' lust). Ironic, the Nekomata that Maria fell in love with was a female, which had disturb the Demon World for ages since it was the first that a princess was a lesbian. Even more confusing was the fact that Maria and her Nekomata lover actually made a child together. Though the Demon World went into chaos about this confusion, it later accepted both Maria and her Nekomata lover as they found out that the Nekomata was a futanari (look up Wiki for more). The birth of the Queen Maria's first daughter was a blast and a cheer for the world, but something was wrong about the Queen's daughter. She was a mix of the Succubus and Nekomata rather than being born as a pure Succubus. This led dispute to whether or not Sera, the now young princess, should take the throne once her mother resigns. As centuries passed, the Demon World had accepted Sera as the princess of the Demon World, though few are still skeptical about this.

Sera herself is very different compare to regular Succubus. Sera is very enjoyable with other people, loves to cheer everyone up, and likes children. She is truthful, honest, and never likes to be spoiled. Unfortunately, Sera does not like the idea of having a harem of unknown young men to satsify her lust. Ironically though, Sera is the first Succubus in history to not be born with the Succubus' lust for constant sex. Though Sera is at the age of having the Succubus' lust, she has no symptons of wanting to have sex. The downfall on this however is that unlike other Succubus which don't need to eat and drink constantly like Man has to, Sera had aquired Man's attribute of needing to eat and drink for energy. Because of this, Queen Maria gave her daughter a mission to go to the realm of Man and quickly find a permanent mating partner. Believing that this would eliminate her Man's attribute, the Queen force her daughter as soon as she gave the mission to her into the realm of Man. Sera had been cast with a spell that refuses her return to the realm of the Demon World until she finds her partner. Lucky for Sera though, she would immedately encounter Sol, a Guardian sent to the realm of Man, and Luminous, a mortal woman who travels with Sol due to certain circumstances, and immediately falls in love with Sol on first sight. She would join with Sol and Luminous' travel, only to cause trouble as she constantly fights with Luminous over Sol.
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