Mimiomai- available for roleplay. Picture

Full Name✰
Mimiomai Narcissuson

Mai, Em, Mimi, Emmett, Pomme.


2985 (or 15 by physical age)

Date of Birth✰
December 13th, 97 years B.C.

5'4 feet.

Mythological character; daughter of Narcissus.


Flower vender; gardener.

This particular mythology character is a very curious kitten.. she's always had a knack for carefully listening into people's conversations, but being the clumsy girl she is, she can never pull it off, as she would trip over nothing and fall. And to cause even more panic, Mai is a huge cry-baby.. if this were to happen, she would unintentionally cause a scene, and then be even more upset.
Mai is a hopeless romantic, who's only experience with it, sadly, is her dad telling her stories of all the times people have loved him and what they did for him. Mai would never use the word "hate" loosely.
She has always felt a strong connection to flowers and plants, and loves taking care of them; they were always the only ones her father let her communicate with, "Because only they possess beauty like yours."

Narcissus; a man only in love with his reflection.. he had spent his life longing for the love of it, and when he died, his wish was granted.
He made a deal with a demon, who gave him three wishes; first, be immortal-- granted. Second, be alongside his lover (this time, not just a reflection), Antanaklas-- granted. Third, concieve a child of his and Anton's own flesh and blood-- granted. However, the demon did know what Narcissus had done to Echo, and decided to punish him; a defect of the baby.
When Mimiomai (Mai) was born, she was blind.. this broke Narcissus, but he decided to make her live like him nonetheless... even if she couldn't see who she was talking to, he could.. and he would make sure they were someone worthy (appearance, personality, and wealth-wise).
As soon as she could walk and eat, Narcissus made sure she would be the perfect beauty anyone would die for.. and he meant literally. Mai was born into a family of perfectionists, who would do anything to give her the beauty she needed to have (according to Narcissus).

Mai's appearance is always first described with her hair; a matted brown mess. It's short, in itself, and goes down to a little lower than her chin. Most times, her beautiful grey eyes are covered by messy bangs and swept fringe. If you were to remove this chaos, you would see her face; since both of her parents, Narcissus and his reflection, Antanaklas, are genetically beautiful, she is too... she's got an alluring presence.
Her eyes, although blind, are big, and beautifully coloured grey, along with long and full black eyelashes. Her eyebrows are full, and seemingly well-kept (however, if you look closely, there are a few strands out of place here and there). Her nose is fairly small, and beneath it are soft and full lips.
Her overall face is a mixture between oval and heart-shaped, which suits her greatly.
Mai's body is an hourglass, and she's quite thin (due to the work of her father; oh, perfectionists...) she's the complete average height for a fifteen-year-old; 5'4 feet.. to complete her look, she's got pale white skin.

Narcissus. (Narciss)

Antanaklas. (Anton)



Bisexual; she can fall in love with both females and males, however she leans mostly towards guys due to both her parents being male.

Relationship Status✰




-she's blind

-like flowers

-always seeks acceptance from her father.

-lacks in social skills.

-a scaredy-cat, however, her curiousity gets the best of her.

-has a weird laugh.

-speaks mostly Greek.

-"if your daughter is able to love without taking appearance into account, then she shall be rewarded with a great vision... but will lose something in return." - demon.
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