Lucabel-Tengogoku Picture

This is my new fanmade OC, Lucabel-Tengogoku, the Ultimate Nightmare of Chaos and Destruction, and the Fallen Angel Incarnate.

Name: Lucabel-Tengogoku
Nickname: The Ultimate Nightmare of Chaos and Destruction, The Fallen Angel Incarnate
Age: 1,000 millenia old
Gender: Hermaphrodite (due to fusion between Lucifer and Belle)
Race: Fallen Angel/Demon God (due to fusion between Lucifer and Belle)
Hair: Gray on demon side, Blonde on angel side
Eyes: A yellow eyeball with a red pupil with a cat-like slit on the demon side and the middle, and a white eyeball with a blue pupil on the angel side
Skin: Red violet on the demon side, and fair-skinned on the angel side
Occupation: Fallen Angel/Demon God of Chaos and Destruction
Powers and Abilities: Manipulation of darkness, Manipulation of light, Flight, Combining light and darkness into one, Powerful hand-to-hand combat skills, Powerful martial arts skills, Grappling skills, Stealing souls, The power to destroy everything and anything he/she wants, The power to create everything and anything he/she wants, shooting lasers from his/her middle eye, controlling monsters
Relationships: Lucifer (fusee), Belle (fusee), The Demon Lords (allies as Lucifer), demons (allies as Lucifer), the angels (enemies as Belle), the Celestial Gods of Terraeɣi (enemies as Belle)
Likes: World Domination, Ruling the superplanet Terraeɣi, Darkness, Manipulating Darkness, Manipulating Light, Combining light and darkness into one, using his/her powers whenever he/she wants, The Demon Lords, Stealing souls, Winning battles, Destroying everything and anything he/she wants, Creating everything and anything he/she wants, Controlling monsters
Dislikes: Light, When light is used against him/her, the Celestial Gods of Terraeɣi, the angels of the heavens, the Legendary God Knights, losing battles, being imprisoned, losing his/her powers, being overthrown
Personality: Lucabel is cruel, cynical, sadistic, deranged, and manipulative, exploiting various individuals to accomplish her machinations. He/she is not only evil and deranged, but also quite psychopathic. He/she is also devoted to his/her own goals above all else. He/she believes that the entire superplanet Terraeɣi exists for him to lord over, and anything to the contrary can be annihilated. He is not above backstabbing his own allies, and he uses his position of power to play mind games with his subordinates. He/she knows how to manipulate others to do what he/she wants by playing on their innermost feelings and hidden desires. Staying true to his/her villainous nature, he/she doesn't bind him/herself by his/her word. Lucabel also throws away allies that she deems as useless, and brutally punishes those who betray her. In addition to the above, he/she is also quite emotionally sadistic, often enjoying picking at the insecurities of others for the above reasons or his/her own enjoyment and crushing/trivializing their hopes and ideals after he/she attempts to bond with his/her opponents.
Appearance: Lucabel's appearance is based on the androgynous Hindu god Ardhanarishvara. He/she is a hermaphrodite fallen angel/demon god who is fair-skinned on his/her left side, but has red-violet skin on his/her right side, he/she has blonde hair on his/her left side, and gray hair on his/her right side, he/she has 3 eyes, one demon eye on his/her right side, another in the middle of his/her face, and a regular eye on his/her left side, he/she has black and purple markings on his/her face, dual colored lips (red on his/her left side, and light green on his/her right side), he/she wears a black, white, and gold bra with one sleeve on his/her left side with a red marking on it and a gold gauntlet, a gold crest on his/her chest, he/she wears black, white, and gold pants with black, white, and gold leg gauntlets on them although the black one has a gold horn on it, his/her right arm is demonic and draconic, with black sleeve-like skin, and pinkish-red scales, black spikes on his/her shoulder and elbow, an orange gauntlet, gold crests on his/her hand, another black spike on his/her right thigh, and a pinkish-red draconic demon foot. Lucabel has angel wings on his/her left side of his/her back, leg, head, and neck, and he/she also has demonic wings on his/her right side of his/her back, leg, head, and neck.
Profile: Lucabel-Tengogoku is known as the Ultimate Nightmare of Chaos and Destruction and the Fallen Angel Incarnate. Lucabel was born a hermaphrodite hybrid of Lucifer (based on himself in Christian mythology) and a young angel girl named Belle. Belle was a messiah who once brought peace to a world torn apart by angels and demons. Belle ruled the heavens as the Supreme Queen of the Heavens. The reason why Belle was Supreme Queen of the Heavens was that she was campaigning to be elected its next supreme ruler of the heavens by espousing love and mercy. Another reason why is that the angels needed a guardian to watch over them until she grew older and could control her power. Belle volunteered to be that guardian. Belle eventually obtained the popular support needed to become Supreme Queen. As soon as she wass coronated, her power corrupted her, however, and turned into a tyrant due to her beliefs that others could not think for themselves, and that the world would be a better place if she had absolute power and made all the decisions. Her power made her unbeatable until the Legendary God Knights (including Alphayin and Omegayang) rose up in rebellion and defeated her. Afterwards the Celestial Gods of SuperEarth (now known as Terraeɣi) banished and sealed her away in the Dark Void. While in the Dark Void, Belle vowed revenge on the gods and made her plans to escape. A demon named Lucifer came in and agreed to help her, only if she sells her soul to him. Belle agreed, and they became the most destructive and chaotic duo to ever terrorize the heavens. The Legendary God Knights battled Belle and Lucifer and in mid-battle, Belle fused with Lucifer to become the form he/she is most commonly seen in, referred to as a two-headed demon dragon named Belle-Lucifer. The Legendary Knights defeated Belle-Lucifer, killing Belle and Lucifer. But a long time later, despite losing the battle, Belle still had to give her soul over to Lucifer as they agreed and the price was absolute. Belle's soul fused with Lucifer's soul to become the ultimate nightmare that would rule superplanet Terraeɣi. Now known as Lucabel-Tengogoku, the chaotic hermaphrodite hybrid vowed revenge on the heavens and vowed to rule Terraeɣi. But Lucabel went back into the Dark Void in the form of Belle to wait for his/her rebirth.

Note: Lucabel's appearance is based off of Lucemon Chaos Mode from Digimon Frontier and Xros Wars, and Yubel from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
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