Sailor Saga Picture

Sailor Saga

Name: Keiry Eklaus

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 20th

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Blood Type: B

Hobbies/Likes: Reading, writing, and painting.

Dislikes: Ignorance, Arrogance and those that consider themselves elitist.

Family: Keiry has a younger sister named Ashling, who is 15 years old.

Personality: Keiry is reserved with manners practiced like any other royal princess. Though outwardly she can be charming when she wants to be however she’d rather withdraw and only converse with those she is comfortable with such as family or friends. She has a unending thirst for knowledge and her intelligence is only surpassed by her creative talents. The negative traits she has about herself are that she is a perfectionist to the point of irritation. She doesn’t stop working until it’s done at the cost of spending time with family and friends.


Sailor Saga hails from the planet Tyr, that is named after the god Tyr from Norse Mythology. Her father, also named Tyr is not the original god but a descendent. She has a mother named Eirika and a sister named Ashling. Her home planet was nearly destroyed by Sailor Galaxia’s sailor animates however Tyr and Eirika pooled their power to shield the planet from harm.

The King and Queen were grateful to Sailor Moon upon her defeat of Galaxia. It was around this time that Keiry turned 18 and began her training as a sailor scout. It was also when she began getting visions of the future and that is where her namesake of “Saga” comes from. Saga was a old goddess in Norse mythology who was also a seeress. The downside of these visions are migraines that accompany them.

She feels guilt that she didn’t receive her gift of visions sooner or else there might not have been so much blood shed on her planet. After helping to rebuild her home planet of Tyr, her parents thought it would be good for her to train with the sailor scouts of Earth to whom they owe their lives. At first Keiry didn’t want to leave her planet so soon after the war but agreed.

When Keiry touches down on the planet Earth she attends University in Tokyo while training with the sailor scouts. She quickly becomes good friends with all the scouts and Ami helps her to master Japanese. After her training she returns back to her home planet to find the new enemy trying to attack her planet; the Galaxy Cauldron Valkyries. Sailor Saga discovers through her visions that these Valkyries are Sailor Saga’s guardian scouts that were killed during Sailor Galaxia’s invasion. With the help of Chaos still stewing in the Galaxy Cauldron they rise from the dead to seek revenge on their princess who failed to protect them.

Senshi/ Enemy Transformation Information: Tyr planet power makeup!

Senshi/ Enemy Name: Galaxy Cauldron Valkyries

Element of Use: Sailor Saga uses the element of sunlight and energy. She also uses norse runes much like Rei uses charms to dispel evil spirits.


1. Tyr’s Justice Canon...Fire! (A shot of golden energy with the rune tiwaz emblazoned at it’s center.)

2. Saga’s Nurturing Hope! (A spiral of sparkling energy surrounds the target to heal them of malady and wounds. In the background the rune Berkano flashes)

3. Saga’s Inspired Eye...See All! (An eye opens up underneath the target enemy and analyzes their weaknesses before freezing them to the spot in fear. The rune Ansuz is etched onto the enemies’ forehead while the spell is active.)

4. Tyr’s Explosive Hope...Ignite! (A meteor shower of sunlit orbs rain down and explode on the target. The ground lights up with the rune Sowilo)

Weaknesses: Cold/water attacks are effective against Sailor Saga.

Strengths: Sailor Saga is able to damage enemies whose primary element is darkness as she can light the darkness with her bright magic. Even in desperate times she can fend off cold/water attacks well enough to flee.

Original Sailor Saga OC belongs to me.
All Sailor Moon places, names, and characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi.

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