A Time To Nap Picture

I can't believe I actually managed to get this finished. Really, I only worked on it a bit at a time over maybe... 3 or 4 sessions?

This is something for my friend, ~Nopperabo who has a fanfic that she's been working on for years. It's a mega crossover that has so many things intertwined and explained to make it work, incorporating various bits of mythology here and there on top of that and still knowing where the chapters need to focus. So without giving away who's who, this is essentially what's going on;

Twins that represent a set of duality, setting more than just the order of nature. Everyone starts off young at some point, whether mentally or physically, and sometimes excitement gets to a point where you just have to lay down and get yourself to rest.

What's essentially a middle child, looking over the twins while being able to see the webs of probability, magic, and reality's rules. Because she sees, there is a knowing look of how childhood games can repeat themselves in the future in some form.

Then again, maybe I'm yanking your chain and went with what was cute, and added in a bit of mystery. Looking through my gallery, you'll see the WIP of this, and where the woman has shown up before.

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