A Bunch of Deities Picture

Depictions of some ancient deities: Cthulhu, Eris/Discordia, Fenrir, Bast (Bastet), Y'Golonac and the Clipart Guy, plus symbols from their respective mythologies.
BTW, did you know that what the world now knows as the Mitshubishi logo was originally a variation on the Walknut, consisting of 3 interwoven othala (wealth) runes? Now you do.
Again, this was done as a pretense of taking notes, during etymology and US history classes.
Eris' weird "secondary hands" and demon tail are both covering up drawing errors and representing her darker, destructive, less sexy-cute-Greek-girl-like side. Cthulhu has dark patches on his skin, again to cover drawing errors and because this reminds me of my grandpa who had those weird birthmarks. And yes, those are exactly eight tentacles. Bast(et) is in full cat form, could be a cat from Ulthar, but I didn't want the Lovecraftian vibes to dominate too much
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