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Area is what we call the one big Island that will be all that remains of the earth's land... ^^ Well at least in my manga (and it's prequel)... I will explain why our world came to being only one Island, and deeper into te places in this map, throughout my manga... But for now I will give the basic descriptions for each...

Area is divided into 5 Kigdoms/5countries.

OK Lets begin with the place that people who've read or seen (or anything of the sort) my manga will probably be familiar with.

The Kingdom of Nox. This Kingdom is the center of the whole of Area, It rules over the Arion Desert, Crescent valley (which is found in the center of THe Nox Mountain range forgot to put it there), and the Sepentirio plains. Though Nox has many little towns and villages, it has 3 major cities (see page one [link]) Nyx, Parveeju, and Ebony, Nyx, being it's capital. If compared to our world, the clothes/infrastructure/and many other stuff of Nox are similar to that of the people in the middle-east, ancient egypt, and the reneissance period of Europe, but ofcourse, a lot of their outfits are just some things I thought up...
Next we have the Eastern Country, the Kingdom of Chaos. The largest country, is separated from the other Kingdoms by the Gaia river and the Peria Sea. Like all the other Kingdoms it naturally has many smal villages and towns, but it has 4 major cities, Yamato, Edo, Asu, and the capital Wu Kung. Chaos is home to the infamous creatures the bog bats (mentioned in page 8 [link]) who can be found in the country's swamps. If compared to to our world, you will find the clothes/infrastructure/and many other stuff of Chaos are similar to that of the Chinese and the Japanes, although their weapons might refelct a more western like influence (although ofcourse I also put a bit of my own creations into their culture.

Third we have the Westen Country the Kingdom of Chimera.Chimera has three major cities (and like all the other countries many villages and towns) these cites are Ur, Euros, and the capital Nineveh. There used to be four but the city of Nilferan is now currently ruins. Chimera also has the famous Fallar forest, which bears almost every kind of fruit tree... This country pretty much looks like a modern city, with technology skyscrapers and the like, but the southern part where the ruins of Nilferan are looks like the ruins in greece. If compared to our world, they're pretty much like a modern day country except they have even more advanced technology (like I said this is the future ^^).

Next we have the Southern country, the Kingdom of Munin. Called the Dark Country, Munin is strangely coverd by dark clouds, thus only few sunlight reach this country. The Queens of his country are also normally Black Magic users. This country would seem like any other creepy old town/village/city/place one would normaly see in a horor film. The three creepiest are it's three major cities Dialen, Flein and the capital Eridu. It also has the Flein Forest, also know as the forest of the howling winds. It cannot be compared to our world, in culture and clothes, becuase I made them myself ^^ (kinda modernly weird though)

Lastly we have the Northern country, the snowcounty, the Kingdom of Auster. Auster has the least inhabitants due to it's cold climate, it only has a few villages and two major cities (which can hardly be called cities as well). The city of Bour and the capital city Assyrea. Auster is famous for it's vast mountain range, and since it's separated from the mainland, and is indeed a very cold country hardly anyone ever goes there... If compared to our world, their culture is that of those who live in the North pole.


Ok so well there we have it the five countries... ^^ I'd like to say that the names I used are derived form history, and Mythology, and so they are not original, but I've changed their meaning somehow, and I don't mean to offend anyone in anyway... (
Ofcourse there are some names here which are derived form the depths of my imaginaion
Anyhow... Thats it...

Nothing else to say... But... I think this is crap... quicly done I admit... ^^ But I just wanted to illustrate the land of the future in meh manga... ^^



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