Epic Doodledump of Epic Picture

This is... about half of the various whatnots I drew in the margins of my notebook this past semester. None of them were quite big or detailed enough to post as separate pictures, plus, y'know, they're all on lined paper... so I stuck them all together, sort of thing.

Part Two will happen when I muster up the energy for another round of resize-clean-up-copy-paste-arranging.

For your viewing convenience, I have numbered the drawings for identification:
1- Good Omens!War.
2- The Sunsinger, a bit of the sprawling mythology I've made up for my D&D campaign.
3- Lex and Eiffel (characters from my webcomic), having an uncharacteristically 'awww' moment among some fireflies.
4- Eiffel, non-stick-figure-ified.
5- Chaos!Lucy (more webcomicage), figuring out the appearance thereof. It looked like she was looking down into something, hence the little caption.
6- Vague concept for an album cover, if I ever get around to recording it.
7- Nippin (one of my novel characters), with a seriously nifty dress.
8- Lex plays Hanged Man. I dunno why.
9- Random 50s girl.
10- Androgynous manga-fied Hamlet, plus ghost.
11- Dera and Phiz (more novel people), who don't get faces for some reason. Also Phiz seems to be channeling the Tenth Doctor a bit. Huh.
12- Girl with books. No idea who she is.
13- Zombie chick in a pretty dress. Why? Why not?
14- Space!Eiffel. I love this one. I wonder who she's pointing the gun at, and why she looks so sad about it...
15- Um.. random woman? With masks? The dress is vaguely Labyrinth-inspired, but apart from that... *shrug*
16- Random Victorian woman. Also freakishly happy about this one. I have never done folds in a skirt that well before or since.
17- Yes, I randomly genderswap -myself- sometimes.
18- Designing Maggie a cute robot girlfriend.
19- Kieran, my halfling rogue, and his childhood sweetheart Althea, back in the day. Laughing their butts off about... probably something only they understand.
20- More people should run about in floofy skirts.
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