Lance at full Power pencil sketch Picture

This is my ID update! See...its just a pencil sketch for now cause i didnt want to try and color it in and mess it up when it looks so cool!!! O//u//O Ill prob. do an updated version with color later. Now, for the back story about Lance's "Chaos Mode".

Lance was born with a mysterious power that is beared as a mark on his soul known as the Divisant Criox, French for divided cross. This power was rummored to have been present in medievel times but its true origin is unknown but it seems to be also mentioned in Latin mythology. According to legend, the one who bears the Divisant Criox upon his soul is said to be the invoccer of the apacolyps. No one knows why he is called this but it is said that the reason for this may be because the divisant criox's power can destroy entire nations.
No one who as ever beard the Divisant Criox has been able to control its power completly. When Lance's Life is threatend, the power of the Divisant Criox will take over complete control of him, causing him to forget everything except who or what he is threatend by and he will continue to attack and destroy everything around him until the threat is nuetralized but in most cases he will only attack the thing threatening him. He also looses control of his power when he succums to his rage. When he doesnt take on the full power of the Divisant Criox his powers our some what limited and appear to be sealed.
That pretty explaines at least a little bit of his powers. Ill also put a Character Bio! ^u^ i might have done this before but what the heck.

Name: Lance
Age: 17
HT: 5ft 11
WT: 150 lbs
Blood type: AB-

Character info: He has somwhat of a cold hearted personality and doesnt usually show much emotion to most things. He doesnt say what he likes or dislikes but he wears a black wrist band with a red star on it given to him by his sister which he cherishes. You can always see him wearing it.

Powers: Nihil Adhoc: prevents death and alows his body to heal much quicker than average humans.He can also use this power to heal others who are injured.
Eclips Sphere: Alows him to take energy from his opponites attacks and send it back in a shock wave which repels his foes
Vectis Blast: alows him to shoot a devistating bean of energy at his foes that can do grave damage.
Summoning Sword: The summoning sword is a weapon that only the bearer of the divisant criox can weild. The origin of this sword is unknown.
And thats pretty much my OC's full Character Bio. Hope you guys like it!! ^u^
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