THE OMEN - Tatsuya Mini Reference Sheet Picture

For my manga project - The Omen

Vampire/Zodiac inspired - thats all I'm saying =wink=

I lost Yami's reference and Tatsuya's original one transfering files and most of the OMEN vampire other forms ideas had been lost


Have the other form of reptiles - snakes and lizards - in inspiration, lower ranked vampires take influence from mortal animals while others have otherworldly attributes that early humans mistook them as mononoke or Yokai on the islands of Nippon.


There was once 12 great creatures, The Dragon, The Kitsune, The Tiger and the Pheonix created the Four Winds. The Boar, The Bear, The Spider created cloth to warm the Winter. The Kirin, created peace and life, The Moneky destruction and Chaos. The Koi, the Black and the White spirit, created balance. The Weasle created mischief and scattered life to the four corners with help of the Four Winds. The Wolf with the help of the Kitsune created the Sun and the Moon, their cycle created the beginning and rebirth.

Paradise was completed.

All 12 spirits lived in harmony, their bodies turning to stone and worshipped in the day and by night they fed on their stock but tensions began to grow when they couldn't decide on a Leader. All of their work was equal, All argued except for Koi, Dragon, Kitsune, Phoenix and Kirin. Koi calmed the crowd, offering her support to Dragon, for he is great, humble and honorable - his body holds strength and pride yet he doesn't let his mind wonder over his greatness instead of watches over the many except the few. He is a true leader. Yet even when all others couldn't argue Koi's choice Dragon declined and offered his Brother , Kirin his support. Kirin was honored yet Tiger gained his ear and turned the brother against the Dragon - whispering that the Kirin will always be second to the noble Dragon. In a rage Kirin cloaked himself in a skin of a human when the sun broke the horizon while others turned to stone and slept the day within the Temple. He smashed his brother's image - the Dragon died in his sleep. His spirit remained in limbo and spoke to the Koi - 'when my image returns to the Earth of Paradise my Brother's kingdom shall fall not by my hand but by his own. He will maim, torture and kill and I will avenge my Clans dishonor in a rising with my brethren that he shall rule.'
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