Dopple ref Picture

One of my newer characters that I've been meaning to work with for a while, I'm hoping to animate him soon too.

He's one of many somewhat divine entities that sort of pervade over the world of my characters and fuel its mythology. They aren't exactly gods but they're close, more like just regular characters gifted with dominion over a certain aspect of existence like love or creation, with varying powers and influence.

The "offspring" of one of the other entities' reflection, Dopple is considered sort of a mischievous spirit that dwells within mirrors. He can't affect anything in the normal world as it's seen by its inhabitants unless it is shown in a mirror image, wherein he can interact with the reflections of objects and characters and have the affects carried over to their originals. Basically he can't touch you unless you're looking in a mirror. He's little more than a nuisance and the other godlike beings find him obnoxious and don't really consider him one of them. He still manages to slip into most meetings though and contribute to their usual chaos. A prankster, he usually only shows himself to mortals to screw with them for a bit, hide in their reflections and make funny faces at them, rearrange things on the shelf behind them or something, but his powers may stretch beyond that, not even he knows. He's never hurt anyone before, but there's unease amongst his fellow deities that he one day may, so he's secretly kept under close surveillance. He's happy-go-lucky, playful, and VERY enthusiastic about everything he does and loves being the center of attention even though being trapped alone behind a pane of glass means he rarely is.
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