Dracaena Picture

Dracaena Means "she-dragon" in Greek Mythology

Name: Dracaena
Nickname: Cena Only used by Trusted friends and Mates
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Territory: Rainforest Area 1 (Gargan Ulfr "Snake Wolf")
Father: Chaos (color Bay) (Left us didn't care and didn't want to be involved)
Mother: Aceso (color black)
Marking Location: Neck
Temperament: Submissive
Fertal: 0%
Teeth Length: #4
Personality: Cena is a very relaxed girl she feels safe in her territory and likes that she does not like to come across other shield wolves unless looking to mate. when not looking to breed she tries to hide her sent and spends most of her time in her cave behind the waterfall cause the water mask the scent. she is a very good hunter for a submissive girl but sticks to medium sized pray so she does not have to leave her den often. she is brave in her own way and if she has to fight she will. She is loving and sweet sometimes for a shield wolf its odd but she dont care what others think.
Strength: 5sp - Pure Brute Force
Agility: 3sp - Speed and maneuverability
Stamina: 2sp - Staying power
Intelligence: 5sp - Ability to plan and react
Focus: 5sp - Determination and drive.
Total xp earned: 0xp

Prey Killed: 1 Tapir Dec.
Hunts: Hunting Copy
Males Mated With/Pups Produced: Iramu/2 pups
Her Puppies:
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