Lost in the Cursed Forest Picture

Mmm... this was going to start out as a fanart peice, but I added more symbolism and mythological references, so I filed it under abstract.

ZOMFG Symbolism!!!1!!:

Growlithe: Represents me (loyal to freinds and close family, impolite around strangers); see Fu Dog.

Snake: Deception is neigh; cobras symbolize nobility.

Dead Branch: Temptation; the single leaf is a chance of redemption.

Thorns: Pain, sorrow, but cut from the bush, it is the sadnesses of the past.

Carp changing into Dragon: This is one of the more prominant features in this picture. The type of dragon the carp is changing into is the Fu- T'sang Lung, the gaurdian of treasure or knowlage...or both. Here, the change is turning ignorance to knowlage.

Fu Dog: Fu dogs are gaurdians of good fortune, and protect against malevilent chi, or energy. Alone, a fu dog can protect no-one. Therefore, in this picture, it is lowered defence. Combine with Growlithe's symbolism.

Kabuto (under paw): Ancient knowlage.

Monkshood, or Aconite: This poisionous herb has two puropses, to dilute pain or to kill. Here, it is the perfect balance of chaos and order, two of the many important pairs in the universe.

Lotus: A symbol of the crown chakra, or a symbol of inner peace. When white, is means reincarnation.

Ivy: Long, eventful life.

Carp: Ignorance.

Tadpole: Change.

Cresent Moon: New beginnings, if waxing; end of a part of life, if waining.

Growlithe is {C} Game Freak
I made the symbolism up to suit the picture that i made at 10:30 in the evening! ZZZzzzzzz......
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