Crmirnauc - God of Matter Picture

Crmirnauc - Matter Cryscon
Type: Oz/Elemental
Class: God/Immortal/Spiritual
Ht: 10'7" Wt: 11,576 Lbs Tl: 5' Longest
Colours: Black Body, Gold Hooves and Markings


1) His name, roughly translated, means "Upper
Lord". He is said to be the creator of the many
species on the planet, and has many festivals
in his honour due to this fabelled ability of
2) One of the Brother's Three, this deity
represents matter. He created six of the eleven
gods. These gods regard him as a father. When
both of his brothers were sealed away, he went
into a deep sleep, some legends say.
3) "...atter... My Lo.. Please, ble..... Do not
Fl..! I have pr...n my......or.thy! Please! Let
me be hon....d by pres..ce! Let me
face you in battle!" - Tattered Diary
4) "When Oblivion rises from hell itself, then
chaos will soon follow. When the Forbidden
Truth is unleashed, then blood will rain from
5) However, when the Upper Lord is called down
from the heavens, then the two will bow down
to him, for he is the Leader of all. He is the
King of the Deities. He is our lord, our master, Crmirnauc, God of Gods." - Old Legend

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