Persona 4 PnP Sketches 2 Picture

These are some sketches of characters from Feinne's Persona PnP thread.

Name: Kyouji Kasshu
Arcanum: The Devil
Appearance: 2m tall, short brown hair, brown eyes.
General Description: A science teacher at Janus High, Kyouji is the son of famed scientist Raizou Kasshu, with whom he works on a project involving the use of remote-controlled robots and nanomachines to protect and restore devastated environments around the world, especially in areas inhospitable to humans such as ocean depths or areas heavy with radioactive fallout. While Kyouji holds no enmity against his father for inadvertently trapping him in his shadow, he is guilty of languishing in that shadow, and holds back from exploiting his full talents and making his own, personal contributions to science and society, hence why he is only a high school science teacher rather than at least a university professor, if not a full-fledged researcher.
Likes: Nature, robotics, kung-fu flicks
Dislikes: Pollution, tentacled things.

Starting Persona: Shub-Niggurath
Suggested Focus: Healing/Defensive skills

-Made by Ryken


Name: Logan Nall
Arcanum: Emperor
Appearance: A sturdy but perhaps slightly shorter-than average teenager, Logan has black hair and blue eyes. He carries himself with perhaps excessive dignity, wears his clothing exactly as is prescribed without alteration, and his skin is perhaps slightly on the pale side. The only remarkable item he wears is an antique wind-up wristwatch.
General Description: A survivor of a broken home, Logan has been living with foster parents for the last two years. In an attempt to distance himself from the chaos of the life he used to live, he always tries to be in a position of control. In unstable situations where he has no understanding or influence over the events occurring, he is prone to debilitating panic attacks, a fact which is known to no one but himself. Has been on the school council ever since halfway through his Freshman year, when one of the council members resigned for "unexplained personal reasons". Once he sets himself on a goal, he will doggedly pursue it until he either succeeds or the goal becomes impossible.
Likes: Understanding, logic, reason, a calm atmosphere. Inadvertantly, prone to manipulating people and events so that things move closer to being in the way he prefers. Likes and is extremely protective of his watch, which was his grandfather's. Enjoys spicy food, which he recognizes as being slightly ironic.
Dislikes: Ignorance (especially his own), chaos, people who are unruly and slovenly, people who do not carry out the duty they have been tasked with, games of chance

Starting Persona: Mimir, of norse mythology
Suggested Focus: Ice

-Made by JT Jag
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