Loki Ref. Picture

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Name: Loki

Nickname: The mother of monsters

Gender: male

What month born in:

Accessories: Asgardian Helmet, Tesseract necklace

Appearance- Human

Hair Color: slick and black

Eye color(s): blue

Height: medium height

Appearance- Wolf

Height: tall

Tail type: Four long and bushy tails (one is hidden in this image)

Eye(s) color: blue as ice

Fur type: light durable coat

Nose color: black

Primary pelt color: Black

Power: Loki, being the god of chaos and mischief, he has the ability to shape shift and cause all sorts of illusions.

Based on: Loki

Personality- Loki, being a trickster spirit, is very cunning in his ways. He tries to beat around the bush and confuse the minds of people. Being able to shift his shape, he has grown very manipulative and hard to read. He makes himself needed so that he won't be turned on. When Loki has his staff/ scepter he becomes all the more manipulative. Striking the heart of his victim, he can take control for a small amount of time.

Loki, deep down has a very fragile and gentle heart. He doesn't show his affections, but when he does he tries to brush it off as if nothing has happened at all. He deeply cares for Friga, he saved her by changing his form and bailing her out of trouble, and he cares for his "brother" (nephew in mythology?) as well. He feels inferior to the children of Odin and is determine to take power for himself.

History: He was born in Jotunheim, the home of giants. And later made his way to Asgard where he grew up. He has always been a trickster and he shifts from his human form to the form of a horse to give birth to his son, the 8 legged horse Sleipnir. His other non-human children are the ruler of Helenheim (Hela), Fenris Wolf (aka Fenrir)

Likes: Power and control. mildly fond of sweets. Thunderstorms/Chaotic storms. Chaos, tricks. the Color blue

Dislikes: Odin and his followers. disrespect, being underestimated and powerless. Authority

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