Antlatia, Avalon, and the 9 worlds of Yggdrasil Picture

This is a drawing made some years ago, in 2010 for a special person. The meaning is the nine portals to the 9 different worlds from Yggdrasil (nordic mythology), and in the right side there is Yggdrassil. In the middle of the sea stays Atlantis, and all the left side of the pic is our world in the future, Midgard. I want to show the chaotic future that is facing our world, with highways plenty of traffic and forced to raise the structures owing to the increasing of the level of the sea.
Out of Midgard, and beyond the dunes of the desert, begins a maze of caves with more portals from worlds. And above this caves, hills are raising, with a huge volcano eruption, and Avalon dealing with Valhalla.
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