Nightingale details Picture

More work on Nightingale. Head shots in 3/4 and back perspective without his helmet on. On his forehead is a scar from an arrow shot (though I need better example of arrow scars to be honest), this is from mythology again. In some versions of the Bliny about Ilya Muromets and Nightingale he gets shot in the head by an arrow, is captured and taken to Kiev were he causes chaos after being told to whistle, screech, or hiss at half his power. Nightingale goes full power and causes disaster but is then killed by the bogatyri. Of course in my story, he escapes but is then imprisioned. The arm scar is me trying to attempt another type of scaring: having a limb lopped off and then reattached but heals baddly. Beings like Nightingale and the other imprisoned deities can do this sort of healing on themselves and others if need be. However in Nightingale's case he acted a littly too hastily in reattaching his arm. hence the scar. I decided to include a picture of the helmet itself as I really like how it turned out in the rough sketch. Also included is a close up detail on the symbol on Nightingale's helmet.
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