Heroes In a Digital Dark Age Picture

As the battle between right and wrong, good and evil, plays out in the fabric of our technologically driven and shielded American lives, ordinary people conduct the business of vanquishing despair from within the safety and the comfort of their own homes. Both children and adults adorn their super human powers with the press of a button, and like medieval warriors in an electronic age, our digitally enhanced heroes retaliate against the doom, wielding their mightiest high-tech weapon of all, hope. But how do we define hero from villain, right from wrong? As children and as adults, we must sift through the barrage of seductively captivating and often idealized images of hostility and aggression to discover the truth that lies beyond the manufactured veil of glorious destruction.
In a world fraught with political, religious, and social unrest, can Americans afford to look the other way as desperate human beings reach out for a hero’s helping hand? But where do we draw the line? Amidst the chaos resonating within our hearts and minds, and long after the intoxicating and horrifying visions have past, humanity must find a way to transcend and evolve into a universally acceptable, contemporary mythology.
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