Rough - First Griever Picture

This is a character called Ankh.

--- Story time!---
Ankh is the goal of several characters. He kneels in a special place called The Temple of Origin and he is the victim of the Chaos God’s hunger for power and control as well as his own foolish need to resurrect his people.

Kitsunay wants to find him because the room he is in contains a book called Xarinum Abyssal, a powerful book that has many ancient spells within.

Enfer Cadavre wants to find him in hopes of destroying the crown he wears so the thrall that makes his race grievers disappears.
Meri simply wants the temple and also to seek a solution to Agnara and his race’s griever problem.

And Cualli wants to find him to put the poor guy out of his misery.

Ankh was the young Prince lord of a master race of Demon Elves called the Akirian Kahn (Ancient Demons). Gison, the Chaos god, began to destroy his race and use them in undead experiments in hopes of creating an ultimate killing machine. What Gison did not realise was that he created a Griever race capable of consuming gods. They were basically physical man eating black hole monster things. He banished them to the Torment Realms and re-thought his race plan.

Ankh, the prince, travelled to The Temple of Origin, where Gison was conducting these experiments to plead the god to stop abusing his people. Naturally Gison found the boy amusing and told him to wait a few days. Gison came up with a plan and poured his power of corruption into a special crown which he placed in the temples Treasury, lacing the crown with a spell that meant whoever saw it felt the need to put it on.

Ankh found the crown and put it on, immediately he found himself being corrupted and through his royal blood Gison turned his entire race into a special Griever race that consume demons and elf races and are unaffected by their attacks.

Ankh kneels in the temple, corrupted and in pain, as he grows older (living for eternity) his corruption grows, and Gison managed to spread the Griever curse to other races. Ankh is known as The Origin of the Cadavre, as he is where Grievers began.

_---- End of story time ----_

Ankh (c) me.

I am going to colour this, and yes I know it sucks xD
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