Loki Picture

Age: Incalculable
Race: Subgod(is an incarnation of his dominion)
Dominion: Chaos
Pantheon: Nordic
Height: Varies, but is normally 5' 7"
Weight: Varies but is normally 165 lbs.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Red
Family: Youngest brother of Odin
Likes: Chaos, getting his way
Dislikes: order, not getting his way, Baldur, snakes
Favorite Food: Does not need to eat
Notable Powers: Is normally visible only to the dead, but can appear to the living if need be; Able to use universal bioenergy(the energy of God itself) to travel between realms; avid shapeshifter; is currently a computer virus with immense knowledge of Earth technology.

Once a mischievous, if slightly maliciious, trickster god, Loki's narcissism would not let him be upstaged by his nephew Baldur, so he arranged his murder. Having escaped from centuries of imprisonment, he decided to take revenge on the world by being what he is: a chaos god. After learning about the internet, he decided to take advantage of mankind's use of computers by transforming himself into the ultimate computer virus. He is almost impossible to get delete, causes havoc just because he can, and always has a deliberately immature comeback waiting.

I once took a Mythology class in high school, and some myths depict Loki as somewhat of a good guy. However, my interpretation is based mostly around the Baldur myth, which is partially why I made him immature and narcissistic. Given that most of life these days is run by computers, I think it would probably be befitting of a chaos god to become a computer virus.

The picture was refferenced from a pic of Magneto. I think the hand's a wee bit too big,the head's too tall, and the eyes are mismatched. Still, I'm kinda proud of it.
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