The Challenge Picture

Kyrizzian, goddess of war, and Meranethe, goddess of love and loyalty and chaos, doing battle with each other. This doesn't make much sense from the standpoint of the mythology of my fictional universe because Meranethe actually idolizes Kyrizzian and is her right-hand-woman. But maybe they were just having a bad day. I originally just intended for them to be flying together but it looks like battle so that's what I'll go with. I drew this freestyle in photoshop with the mouse at work today between phone calls ... apparently my work computers have photoshop, whod've thunk it. I'm rather proud of it for something done at spare moments at work -- took me most of the day, but again, a lot of that time was spent ... working. Looks a lot like that "Balance" pic I did a couple years back ([link]), but other than that I'm proud of it.
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