Tronvenger- Sly One -WIP Sketch Picture

This project came about after watching the Avengers and having the tron soundtrack playing in my car this week. I know Marvel has already drawn several of the Avengers and other Marvel heroes in Tron form.. but they made them all very bright and colorful, and I love how dark the suits are in Tron: Legacy... like highlighted silhouettes. So I want to do my own version of the Avengers group in the T:L style. I like to think of them, like Tron himself, as specialized programs. Keepers of Order ( and in Loki's case ) Chaos on the Grid.

I'd love any constructive critique on how to make this better. Thank you.

Loki (C) Norse Mythology & adapted by Marvel Comics
Tron (C) Disney
Art (C) Sienna Briarwood 2013
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