Leviathan Picture

This is a character from a story I have been thinking of. His name is Leviathan like the sea beast from Christian mythology. The tattoos on his body represent that he is an immortal being. In the story he is the father of 16 beastly children who all used to beaspects of his personality and/or his physical being. One by one he shed these features and created the other gods in the Islayan pantheon. He is the first son of Ounasitha the equivalent of Chaos in Greek mythology. Five years after he shed his children they started arguing who was the most perfect of the gods and as this happened a war started among them and since they could not truely exact war upon each other they created races in their image whose rulers are also immortal.

Many people can probably guess what i used to make this and for those who dont know I used tektek.org dream avatar creator for gaiaonline.com. This is my first submission ever on deviantArt. I would also like to say that I am hoping to draw all of the Islayans after i can finally make the eldest of Leviathans children.

Please make comments or suggestions upon this work.
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