Shardara of the Shard Picture

Shardara of the Shard is yet another original character of mine, and one of which who has led a rough life. Shardara is a master healer among her people, capable of repairing and restoring lost limbs, major and minor healing of the body, as well as resurrection of the dead - but only if she receives the body within the first three days of death.

She is known as Shardara of the 'Shard' because her people, the Jungalarians, have a crystal shard as the source of their soul, their heart, their very essence as the powersource of their existance. Since she is able to literally raise the dead she has been given the title of 'of the Shard.' She is one of the few remaining elders after the Vorconian Wars that nearly wiped out their entire speices (though did succeed in desimating their galactic empire) A "plauge" at the end of the war resulted in the near exinction of their speices. It had an effect on them similar to the Black Plauge, but worse. Shardara had been wrongly accused of a crime in the beginning of the war and was imprisoned under the harshest of penatlies - Catatonic state, which is basically when an Jungalarian's shard is removed from their body they enter into a coma like state, like an incredibly deep sleep. If the shard is kept close enough to them however they won't die.

Shardara was imprisoned for hundreds of years until her release by a group of three young Jungalarians by the names of Hacker, Chaos, and Mira that came seeking the 'mythological Shardara of the Shard' in order to get her to raise their fallen leader, Mistress 24, from the grave. After being rescued from her imprisonment, and coming to terms with the fact that she was now an Elder, when she had been a 'young adult' when she had been put in, Shardara rasied their/her leader and went back with them to help aid against the new war that gripped their people.

If anyone is interested in these stories at all, I have a comic that I am working on which will eventaully led up to all of this. You can find the first page here:
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