Absolute Truth About Existence Picture

This is a 3D version of the "Absolute Truth About Existence" made by a friend of mine.

(Link to the 2D version on his page: Link).

I took what he made and what we discussed and made it into an image of my interpretation of the universe.

The meaning of this "icon" is:

This symbol pretty much symbolises the entire universe and how it works.

It consists of the following items:
- the man at the center of his/her own universe
- the Oroboro (also knwon as the "self-eating-snake")
- the 8-arrows with a common source (also known as the symbol of chaos)
- the atom (also known as the symbol of science)

If you know your "laws of physics" a bit, you should know about the fourth law of energy, which is the law of the conservation of energy.

"Energy cannot be created nor destroyed"

Basically, this means, that the amount of energy in our universe is a certain amount. We shall give it a variable A.

Because energy cannot be created or destroyed, the amount of energy in the universe has ALWAYS been the same. In other words, A has always been the same value, and has never even changed. Not even on a nanoscopical level.

A is a certain amount of energy as I'm writing this, was the SAME certain amount of energy exactly 24 hours ago, and even the same as when the universe was "spawn".

This, also, basically means that our bodies are as old as the creation of the universe itself.

Do you have children? No? Well, they are actually already walking around right now. As pigs, cows, cabbages, whatever you or your wife will eat whenever she'll be pregnant. That energy will be converted "into" your child.

The amount of energy in the universe NEVER changes, only its manifestation and presentation.

The Oroboro symbolises this, because the snake eats it's own tail. The Oroboro was, in mythology, the perfect creature. It needed no eyes, because there was nothing to see. No ears, for nothing was there to be heard. It needed no senses, because there was nothing there, other than itsself. It fed on itsself, it's own energy kept returning into itsself.

In this symbol, the Oroboro symbolises the universe.

Inside the Oroboro we can see the symbol of Chaos. Chaos, in it's original meaning, is actually "another kind of order". The chaos theory states that every POSSIBLE factor you can think of, influences every OTHER possible factor you can think of. That's pretty chaotic. And it also pretty much means (if we deduct this to EVERYTHING) this accounts to science, politics, psychology, economy, EVERYTHING. Everything in this world is DICTATED by the laws of physics. Even our "free wills" aren't as free as we would possibly want 'em to be. Creepy shit, but don't break your head over it.

Lastly, the atom. It symbolises science, and the importance of it. It is the pinnacle of our existence.

Coolest thing about all of this though, is that while we are all desperate to know what "death" brings us, the absolute truth is, we'll NEVER *truly* die, and NEVER stop existing. Everything was, everything is, and everything shall forever be!

I added the human to the icon because no matter who we are and how we think we look at the universe at any and all times we look at the universe out of our own vantage point.

It does not matter how we look at it. The universe for us is all we think we know about it.

For us we know that that what we do not know is there, but it is not considered. Even when we think we consider it.

Since we do not know we can not imagine what it can be. We can only imagine what it may be. This in response to what we know.

And so we come back to our own vintage point. We are the center of out universe.

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