Costume contrast: Bennu - Healer vs Destroyer Picture

Basically one god, one goddess, two roles - the healer or the destroyer - and they swap roles every few centuries. One takes the role of the destroyer god, the chaotic gods and antagonist(s) of mythology, the other takes the role of the healer god, the orderly gods and protagonist(s) of mythology. They travel the world spreading chaos and order, either causing conflict or resolving it (not always for the better) and end up in quite a few different mythologies in various cultures in various incarnations.

The left half is supposed to represent the professionals of the modern day, your average reasonably peaceful working man or woman. Contributing to the economy and the world around them, building, that kind of stuff. Naive of me to think so I know but I couldn't think of much better other than a nurse of a doctor (which was so obvious and literal I didn't even want to bother).

The right half is supposed to represent the gangsters, the hoodlums who find pleasure in destruction and chaos. This is mostly based off my own country's gang history, which includes owning of brothels, riots, and outright street wars. I ended up casting the typical female gangster of my country in the role of the destroyer.
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