LoM Sketch Dump Picture

This was for an idea I had for a fan comic called "Legends of Mobius."

The idea pertained that basically I was gonna throw away EVERYTHING people think of as "canon" for the Sonic the Hedgehog series, forget everything I knew, and start at the beginning and rewrite the entire mythology and backstory for the Sonic universe starting with the very basics of the first games and working thru until I reached the extraneous material (eg. Werehogs anyone?). This sketch outlines a lot of the basics.

For one, I returned to the basic art style of the original Sonic cartoons and comics, although the art is kinda cool now.... idk, i just like the original better.

Second, I gave a logical explaination for a civilization of ALL animal-people-things and why there's only one HUMAN on the entire planet.

Furthermore, I reworked the entire point and philosophies behind the Emeralds, Chao, FLICKIES (yeah, did Sonic team just forget about them??), and the monster known as CHAOS even though its never explained what exactly he is or why he's named that in the canon series.

Fourth, renamed ROBOTNIK again (even though the Japanese version has ALWAYS referred to him as Eggman, I grew up with Robotnik so go suck eggs).

And etc.

Also, even though I drew Shadow in, I think that 8 times out of 10 I would discard him because he fricking ruined the series at a certain level.

And yeah...

Thats it.
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