Gaea and Uranus Picture

This is another remnant from my schoolchild days, from my era of fascination with Greek mythology. This was one of my favorite stories from the entire long history, so I remember being really excited about this sketch.

In case you don't know the story, the gist of it is: Gaea, the woman in the picture, was the first being to emerge from the Chaos and achieve existence. She became very lonely, so, from sheer will, she created a husband, Uranus, to bear children with.

(Their relationship didn't go on so well, as most gods'/goddesses' honeymoon stage didn't last long. Many of Gaea's children were born as hideous monsters that Uranus banished from his presence, and when they were finally blessed with children that were beautiful, Uranus became so evil that Cronus, their son, was forced to kill him (or simply castrate him, in some versions...))

Well, this drawing simply is meant to show Gaea's joy when she finally recieved the husband she had been pining for, before any of that bad stuff happened.
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