Inception Picture

Hokay, so this is sort of a test for me to see how this works. Hello Deviantart community! I am Emily and I like messing around with art stuff. This is an abstract acrylic I did for my friend Kimi, who is a spazzoid. It looks like her personality on a canvas. Basically, I painted it black, then let it get semi-dry and added white paint mixed with hairspray, the texture of which I got by dragging around a crumpled up plastic bag. The "foreground" of the piece is either scraped on with cardboard or painted directly on with the paint tube. Thanks and comments would be lovely.

By the way, Inception means beginning, which, in Roman mythology, was embodied by Chaos. The Roman idea of Chaos, as we understand it to mean hectic and too much happening at once, was modified from the Greek mythology's idea of Chaos (chi-alpha-omicron-sigma, I beleive) being total oblivion and nothingness. Obviously my inception is based on the Romans.
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