40k - War on the Horizon Picture


Yeah, big things are about to happen on Serrasal. For those of you who missed my last update, this is the latest of many meetings among tribal elders about what to do with the aliens that came to the planet not a few days prior. The Serrasal, of the planet of the same name, are fish-people who are encountered in the universe of Warhammer 40k by my original Chaos cult, the Outcastes (currently known as the Damned of Scipio).

This is an example of the large rift brewing between the Serrasal; one side that wants to fight these aliens, after having poor luck with earlier invasions from the Orks, and another side that sees the Outcastes as different from the Orks and worth aligning with. While any other Chaos cult would have already tried to invade, kill, poison, and/or rape the planet and its natives, the Damned of Scipio, led by Kryze, are a lot more efficient and a lot more logical than their peers and see the Serrasal as a warrior species that would make a nice addition to the forces of Chaos. Of note, Kryze still plans to kill all of the Serrasal should they refuse his offer, but, hey, at least he offered, right?

The next few updates will be based on Serrasal, and [SPOILER ALERT] feature a Civil War, where traditionalists fight with Chaos and the progressives that want to join them. I created the Serrasal, but I freely allow anyone to use them as long as they don't screw up my fluff. Also note: Zegoras and Azurnoras are evil gods of Serrasal Mythology. I will explain more about that in the future.

Outcastes, Kryze, and Serrasal are owned by me
Warhammer 40k is owned by Games Workshop
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