Olympus Apt 06 Picture

I've recently been reading up on Aztec mythology lately, and I have to be honest, I don't know why this isn't more popular. It amazingly graphic in its violence, full of strange gods and my favorite dichotomy of order vs chaos (against the usual good vs evil). Quetzalcoatl is, of course, more commonly depicted as a large feathered snake (I believe is the literal meaning of his name), though he has taken human form. Outside of the Greek/Roman pantheon, I'm turning each god into a human form, but they all pretty much have the power to shapeshift anyway (which will come up later).

I threw in Coyote as well, being a huge fan of trickster archetypes. Common through Native American mythology, he holds a lot in common with Raven, neither being good nor bad. At times he's detrimental, at others he's helpful. It was hard to find specific stories for him, but I dug up a few.

I like the idea of Quetz taking it on himself to look after Coyote, keep him out of trouble and such. For some reason I've also decided that Quetz loves tea, for reasons I cannot quite remember.
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