Ugasi the Siege Picture

For all of you wondering who our demonic Chaos Samurai is under the abstrac armor and rather fancy arsed little ribbons, here he is.

UGasi the Siege is an Entropy user, capable of easily changing a substance of any given form, into another state of matter, [ for those who don't know, Entropy is the disarrangement of atoms in a solid, liquid, or gas ] , and morphing it into a state that is more, or less, different than before. This being said he can remove said entropy, and make, say Air, into a liquid or solid. On the organic tissues, well it causes cell reproduction to spiral out of control, often causing explosive and highly fatal cancer like growth at an astronomic level of growth. How does he do it? That hand of his, the Ebon Hand of Chaos, used to power the mythological sword Entropia the Chaos Blade.

He's not all powerful, if stripped of his gauntlet or even harmed in a mortal fasion, he cannot use the Entropic powers other than to accelerate cell regineration. At taht point he could easily be killed. Of course, his swordsman ship is much stronger than a normal man's, not to mention his speed and endurance, so, good luck over all fighting, The Single Armed Weapon of Chaos, Ugasi the Siege.
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