The Primal Leviathan Picture

You can see swirling energy and energetic forces. Something raw and primal. One is heat and fiery, and is orange and yellow with some red. One is more desire-like, probably carnal (in a strange way), and is purple, red, and black. One is a general representation of primal chaos, and is red and black (but mostly red). They all in some way refer to the same or similar things: the motion and energy that moves all reality, and the primal substance of Chaos. At the centre of the swirling, you see dancing flame and energy, ten Oms representing the motion of creation, destruction, life, death, and rebirth, and a primordial serpent (the Leviathan, who kinda resembles Quetzalcoatl from Aztec myth and Apep from Egyptian myth), who calls back to the classical serpent and the primordial chaos beings of countless mythologies. Tiamat of Babylon, Yam of Canaan, Leviathan of the Bible, Apep from Egypt, and more. The serpent is in some ways a metaphor for the motion of Chaos, and by extension all reality, not just ours. Without this eternal motion and raw energy, nothing could exist.
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