One of the Reasons Picture

Or possibly the real reason Huldra!Margaret and Huldra!Lucretia left for America.

Loki: *ties a real good knot in their tails before giving Lucretia a hard slap on her ass (not caring that he squashed the spider crawling on it and getting the guts on his hand) thus waking her up abruptly*
Lucretia: *jolts awake* Ah! *sees Loki making a run for it* You son of a b-*tries to run after but feels a pull on her back side thus waking her sister and causing her to stumble into the river*
Margaret: Eeek! Sister! *falls into the river with her*
Loki: Hah! You flea ridden cows never stop falling for that one! XD

Being obsessed with Loki and horses lately (often the two combined XD), I felt a strong urge to draw Loki in the Monsterverse of Southern Gentlemen.
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