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Sometimes, to get self-esteem and follow a path, one rely on self-immersion. Sometimes the abyss is too wide, the limit between reflection, glorification, certainty and independence with autonomy is blurred. The system is sure of this and use many tools to sell tastes, comforts, and to naturalize consumption and objectification.
One who neglects it may as well neglect nature, for neither nature or reason are 'neutral' - nothing is. However, sometimes it bring to scars the differentitation and position of an individual and a society on its entirety. When the borderlines of 'me' are misaligned to a totalitarian force, it tends to join smaller groups or none. Mistakes always reassure the unending reflection, and sometimes, the abyss is often comforting and shines with too much of a clarity.

The slightest form of expression, when passed to aetherial means, is subject to judgement of all other possibilities. To reflect anything, it becomes archetypical, stereotypical, yet only the author know what it should really mean. Relativization ceases when the author is unable to become authority, and then we have the limits of balance and totalitarian forces - naturalization. Just add an element of relative and the intricate webbing of concepts, fragile as it is, open niches to the only thing certain, paradoxically - me.

That institution, both the gate to misjudgement and the re-evaluating corpus of existence, acts on accordance with external forces - as long as it is sure there's an inside one. That's why it is so comforting to re-imagine what was solidly built in black diamond. The black diamond is a mirror, and as such, it shows a reflection. Yet, this reflection is exactly what the beholder conceives, not what it sees.
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