To Gaea illustration Picture

This is the illustration that goes with the "To Gaea" poem [link]

Its actually from the Mother-to-Daughter POV kinda sorta but it is more ambiguous than that. If you know Roman/Greek Mythology then maybe you can pick up on what is going on (Of course some of it I made up).

Gaea is the name of the earth a.k.a Goddess of Earth
she is the child of the night, sired by Chaos (Nox/Luna/Diana/Artemis + Chaos= Gaea)

thats is just superficial now the actual point trying to get across is how children are so innocent and suceptible to anything. Their mothers are always trying to protect them from the true horrors, the realities of life until they become mature enough to handle them. Until then, they are told to sleep and have sweet dreams. It just better that way because childhood is too short.

As adults (or young adults), I'm sure we all miss the good old days of coming home from school and watching some tv, having a snack, playing with friends, etc. This is especially true when we are totally stressed out and overwhelmed by our independant lives.
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