Yuri McCloud Boss Profile Picture

My god, I love how this came out. Most of it was just lucky line placement, but it's rare for me to draw this well on my first attempt. Anyway, onto the Boss Profile

Name: Yuri McCloud
Level: Level 5 - The Desert Storm
Age: 26
Height: 5' 3'' (1.6m)
Build: Petite
Nationality: American
Heritage: Half-Irish, half-Japanese
Birthday: April 8th
Blood Type: O
In-Game Location & Time Acre, Palestine, Abbasid Caliphate, 10th Century AD

Bio: Yuri McCloud was illegitimately born from the union of her Irish mob father and Yakuza mother. Though beloved by her late parents, she grew up the heiress of two criminal empires; neither of which wanted her. After losing both of her parents, the neglect from her extended families more or less forced her into a life of crime for survival; and to prove to those around her that she was worthy of them. Yuri committed her first theft at age 10, her first assault at age 13, and her first bank robbery at age 17. Quickly, she succeeded in becoming one of the most feared criminals in the eastern United States, and even managed to forge an alliance between both sides of her family. Unfortunately, she discovered the true colors of her family when the authorities began a major crackdown against them, and almost all of her so-called loved ones used her as their scapegoat. She was sent to prison for life just after her 21st birthday. Luckily for her, and unfortunately for the rest of the world, Yuri escaped from prison three years later and resumed her criminal enterprises. Eventually, she caught the eye of a rogue agent from STRIP, who gave her a chance at one of the few crimes she had yet to perform – messing with the time-space continuum. Agent Enfield (the player character) eventually discovers Yuri creating sandstorms in Palestine in the early 10th Century.

Personality: Yuri is a vain and arrogant woman, jaded thanks to years of a criminal life, and tempered from being one of the best crooks in the US for most of her youth. She is calm and cool headed, but can be frustrated easily; not so much when her plans don't go her way, but more when she's annoyed by something or someone. She can be impatient and intolerant of others, and doesn't trust others very easily. She despises concepts of love, trust, affection, or family. She's an avid historian, and she has a fondness for Japanese, Irish, and Celtic lore and mythology. She isn't very harsh on her subordinates, and tries to treat people with the respect she would want in return from them, though she doesn't tolerate disobedience or failure from anyone. She can be very cruel if she's in the mood for it. Yuri often comes across as very hipsterish, though it's mostly centered around her thick-rimmed glasses and inherent arrogance. She has a very been-there-done-that attitude when it comes to crime, and she is very liberal with her policies and opinions. She has her criminal limits, though, and is very much against committing murder. She hates law enforcement of any kind; except for herself if she's in a position of power. She has a fondness for birds and jazz music. While a gifted physical combatant, Yuri greatly enjoys psychological warfare, propaganda, and the art of the mind-screw.

Abilities: Yuri lacks any real superpowers, but she's exceptionally talented when it comes to sword fighting and melee combat. She often fights in tandem with weather dominators, and the (pictured) CC-WD12 "Albatross" weather dominator is her key to dominating the Middle East of the 10th Century through the violent sandstorms she can generate with it. In her boss fight, yuri prefers to spam unblockable and insignificantly-damaging attacks (like buffeting Enfield with a sandstorm) while dealing easier-to-dodge but highly damaging attacks when she sees an opening. She often charges her scimitars with electricity for massive damage, and summons powerful wind storms and bolts of lighting to crush the player. On the non-combat side of things, Yuri is very talented when it comes to propaganda, tricking everyone she can in the past to succeed in her objectives.

Evil Scheme: When Level 5 begins, Yuri is seemingly turning the city of Acre into her personal sanctuary amidst the devastating sandstorms ravaging the Middle East. She has all but crushed the Caliphate's ability to retaliate against her, and most of the people of Acre look to her as their savior from the natural disasters around them. When confronted, Yuri's plan becomes more sinister. She's actually using her sandstorms to distract STRIP from seeing that she's planting paradox-proof time capsules in the deserts and off the coast of Palestine, so that even if STRIP stops her and repairs the timeline, the capsules will remain. Filled with highly advanced weapons, the capsules would create unimaginable chaos if found by anyone in the area, since Israel-Palestine is easily one of the most volatile regions in the world, throughout all of human history. It's up to the player to dispose of the capsules and put McCloud behind bars, for the safety of the past, the present, and future. For anyone wondering why Yuri is going through all this trouble; it's more or less all to distract STRIP from being able to locate the rogue agent, who you don't get to fight once and for all until level 8 (but that's another story).

Evil Minions: I'll elaborate more on this later with actual drawings of Yuri's henchmen, but her occupational force in Acre is comprised of 4 types of minions. Her light minions are Assassins; lithe, cloaked women with daggers who are sort of a secret-police militia of Palestinian girls loyal to Yuri. Her medium minions are Stormtroopers; more conventionally-dressed girls from the time period, armed with scimitars and futuristic pneumatic rifles. Her heavy minions are her Neo-Saracens; tough-as-nails robots from the future armed with heavy melee weapons and lightning-cannons. Her unique minions are Phoenixes; mechanical eagles that serve as Yuri's messengers around the city, capable of summoning bolts of lighting to hurt the player, and suicide-bombing if things aren't going well for them. Yuri's Midboss is the Eagle of Saladin, named ironically since Saladin wasn't around yet. The Eagle is a massive, dragon-like eagle robot with enough wing-generated wind power and a mouth-mounted lightning cannon capable of decimating entire buildings by itself. Again, I'll try and draw all of these in later updates.

Likes: Herself, sarcasm, irony, bad boys, jazz music, birds, anime, Godzilla movies, jigsaw puzzles, James Bond movies, birch beer.

Dislikes: Everyone else, cliches, love, families, good girls, vampires, romance stories, the police, beer, losing her clothes.

That should be about it. I'll wait to type up any quotes from her until I actually write the dialogue for her level. I'll also give a Boss Fight FAQ in a later update, along with more details of her minions and the level you fight her in. Hopefully you guys like her, and I can't wait to see how the other bosses shape up.
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