Lycaon Picture

I'll add him to sabati-rpg after his patchwork has been dyed and Okapi added <3

.: Basics :.

Name: Lycaon
--Name Meaning: A French name for the African Wild Dog; Also a mythological Greek king.
Gender: Male
Sabati ID: # 508

Pack: Fogborn Alliance
Rank: Subordinate

.: Stats :.

Strength: 2
Defense: 2
Evasion: 4

.: Appearance :.

Coat: Fawn
Primary Marking: Patchwork
Primary Marking Color: Black

Primary Marking: Points
Primary Marking Color: Apricot

Secondary Marking: Tips
Secondary Marking Color: Fawn

Secondary Marking: None
Secondary Marking Color: None

White Marking: Snips
White Marking: Okapi

Eye Color: Yellow
Skin Color: Black

.: Personal :.

Personality: Lycaon is very charming and charismatic, often times unknowingly flirting as he speaks. Also, he is loyal, brave, and intelligent.
Family: Unknown
Mate: ?
Pups: None.

.: Art Log :.

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Reference - +3 Evasion

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