Neo-Asgardian Queen Picture

The Neo-Asgardian pagans, since their successful occupation of the northwestern Alfheimr woods, formerly managed by the State of Nornland, with a constitutional monarchy and a senate heavily influenced by christian ministers, developed their own independent kingdom at the marshes of Lake Midgard, and with aid of several other paramilitary groups worldwide, manage to prevent their downfall by retaliation from the military forces of Nornland and the private military forces of Regin, a powerful landlord from Nornland which intended to trade the woods of Alfheimr with Nornland's senators and even the royal family. After the first successful resistance of the occupation in Alfheimr, the formerly exiled Vovin Fafnir (who was born as human, but, cursed by the Andvarinaut, became a Vovin, and was persecuted within Nornland's territory by several humans, christians and pagans alike) became leader of what would be the new Asgardian kingdom, for the Asgardians' trust in him was renewed, with some help from the fellow inhuman Cuetzpalin Paynal (from San Brandon) and the Triton (from Minoica).

Amidst the chaos, there was the wife of Fafnir, who lost him after his transformation into Vovin, but after Fafnir's return, has accepted him, even as a Vovin, and became somewhat a queen of the new Asgardian kingdom based in Alfheimr. She secretly practiced Seidrr magic, and since the foundation of the kingdom, she could become the warrior she would never be in Nornland. Much later, the new Asgardian Kingdom of Alfheimr, unrecognized by the United Nations and persecuted by christians and capitalists would last the destruction of the civilization in the planet because of their allegiance to the Jentilak, but even then, treachery would rise among the ranks of the kingdom and would place some Jötunn from the crumbling Jötunn Scientific Organization (a secret slavery organization which has been behind several capitalists worldwide, and for more time even than the Catholic Church) as new authorities, and by 2018, King Fafnir would be missing again. On Fafnir's absence, the Neo-Asgardian warrior queen would reshape the kingdom, based on the requests of her fellow seidrr practitioners, and alongside her Wyvern daughter, would intend 'independence' of the Asgardians from the Jentilak, what would lead them against some Vovin as well.
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