Gensokyo Character - Itsuki Enma Picture

[Name] Itsuki Enma
[Calling] Avatar of the Creator
[Pantheon] East Asian (Japan / China)
[Player] Kitsune N. Wingate (a.k.a. Tennyo)
[Nature] Caregiver / Follower
[Demeanor] Child / Traditionalist

(character sheet : under construction)
[Background Is Under Construction For Update]

Two parts of the same whole, Itsuki and Yuuhi are every bit the exact opposites of one another.

Itsuki is calm, compassionate, gentle, a little ditzy when confused, easily overwhelmed and somewhat of a crybaby when it comes to being upset, his overwhelming optimism makes up for a lot of the negativity that has surrounded his everyday life for the good or the bad.

Loving and loyal to a fault, Itsuki earned the nickname of 'kitten' at a very early stage, often considered to be the 'baby' of the family, he's looked after and watched out for by nearly every member of the Kaori clan, including Touya, Satoshi, Gregori, Genbu, Koukuen, Borleo, Yuuhi, and even the Makai King Yasha as the he is the Yokai's mortal-living grandchild.

White-haired and amethyst-eyed, Itsuki takes after his father in terms of certain appearances, but his mother in terms of temperament and patience, he is the most sheltered out of the members of the Kaori family and as a result of this has had very little experience with the outside world, which has lead to both a detriment and a blessing.

While unable to fully understand what dangers lie on the outside, the influence of his twin, Yuuhi, and his mated lover Gregori have provided him with a wellspring of insight in what to avoid, his spiritualist nature has since been quieted after the arrival of Yuuhi onto the plane known as Sekai (the mortal world) and has been directed and carefully disciplined through the tutelage of the Tenaki elders as well as his grandfather, Satoshi's own teachings.

Enroute to becoming one of the last surviving Onmyouji of the Abe No clan, Itsuki has taken a back seat to the chaos and corruption the world has to offer in favor of living a quieter life with his love, his family, and the unexpected arrival of a presence yet to be born.

Itsuki tends to wear silver earrings in his ears, these earrings are not normal piercings, as they don't pierce the flesh and merely 'clip' to the folds. They are silver bells with small silver talismans attached and warded by the Earth God Genbu, the Water God Seiryu, and the Wind Goddess Byakku.

He has one very precious piece of jewelry he does not allow out of his sight for any reason, a gothic and ornate rosary given to him by Gregori Topaz, this platinum-and-sapphire beaded artifact he wears on his neck and person at all times, usually hidden under his jacket, or bound around his wrist like a bracelet (when he fears it being too loose around his neck.)

He also has two rings on his finger, a simple silver band (his father's wedding ring), and a second band with aquamarine stones (given to him by Yuuhi), most other articles have been locked away in a keepsake box that he's hidden somewhere within his bedroom.

Both twins have the notorious habit of hiding their special belongings, Yuuhi hides his sketchbook and trinkets in a black laquer box, while Itsuki hides his own treasures in an ornate oak box.

Itsuki is life-mated to Behalter, Yuuhi is life-mated to Liam, and both have been fiercely loyal to their loved ones. While Yuuhi still has reservations about giving and putting his heart on the line (again), he has shown enough trust to give one of his most prized artifacts to Liam for safe keeping, he's begun to think at this point, further betrayal of others simply means the mortal world isn't worth living in (and holds a tad of jealousy towards Itsuki as his love has been ever-standing and with minimal drama.)

Both twins are also gender-shifters, this means that like certain species, they can change their gender to suit the environment they are in, this attribute is characteristic of most pure-blood kitsune, whom take on the appearance and gender of the opposite sex they are trying to attract (in most mythology, kitsune pose as female humans to attract male courtiers or cause mischief.)
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