Fenris, colour reference Picture

I did not draw this lineart; I only coloured it in.

This is an idea for a Fenris fursuit I've kind of got in my head. It'd have to wait until grey fur exists again, though; pretty much everywhere is out.

It's a little more toony than I'd actually make the thing, but this is mostly just to try the idea out, and to see how the colours would look together.

For those not in the know, Fenris is one of Loki's children; he was raised by the Gods, but started causing destruction, chaos, et cetera, so the Gods decided to bind him. They got the strongest, heaviest chains they could find, but Fenris broke them all until the Gods had a magical fetter forged that was made of very rare things; birds' spit, a woman's beard, eye of needle, boob of newt, that sort of thing. It was a slim fetter, one that resembled a silken ribbon; Fenris was suspicious of magic, but Tyr put his hand in the wolf's mouth as a token of faith, and Fenris allowed himself to be bound. However, struggle as he might, he could not break the fetter, and he bit Tyr's hand off in retribution.

I do actually like how this one came out, especially the fetter bit. (though I've no idea where I'd find a ribbon like that!)

Lineart thoughtfully provided by [link]
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