Darth Revan's Death Squad Picture

I am a complete Star Wars fanatic. Especially when it comes to the Old Republic time frame. I only know of three Jedi/Sith to have ever existed to rival Revan in even a single area, and not a single one of the three could best Revan in overall combat.

Exar Kunn is the greatest saber duelist to ever live. He was one of the most powerful Sith Lords of all time, and when he partnered with the who soon became known as his counterpart Freedon Nadd (the second who could rival Revan in an area) the two were unstoppable on the field of battle.

Freedon Nadd was the greatest master of the force to ever live. Though, he could only use the dark side of the force, his mastery of it was so great that none in the time of his reign neither Jedi nor Sith could effectively stand their ground against his command of the force.

Together, with Exar Kunn heading up at the front of the battlefield and cutting down those who drew close with their sabers, and with Freedon Nadd in the back destroying armies with his command of the elements and bringing down star cruisers with the sheer might of the force, the two were unstoppable.

Though it has never happened in Star Wars mythology, as Revan did not exist until far after both Exar Kunn and Freedon Nadd were dead, it is my belief that together, Exar and Freedon would beat him. But one on one, no one can beat Revan. Lol.

The image above is the Death Squad he/she (depends on storyline/dialouge choices what gender Revan is in the game, and the books referring to Revan are not gender specific towards him/her) formed to serve as the top ranking body guards, bounty hunters, and policing members of his/her order.
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