Battle for the Trident Picture

The Trident is the most powerful aforementioned craft known to have been forged to defeat the primordial, primeval, agender beast named as Chaos, roamer of the abyss, flier in the ocean, diver of the skies, one with the maelstrom.

The Trident itself is capable of being forged in the same manner as the Sekhem staffs (imbued with the power of one of five hidden elements), through kratozoa, the immortal organs of the most powerful Tritons. After the Sekhem, there are the Caduceus, which have limited trans-formative powers upon the five hidden. Those are forged with two spines (notably some Drakainas also have these spines). In known history, no Trident was forged until a Caduceus (Orichalcum-based Scissor Staff) and a Sekhem (Panacean-based Dirae Lance) were fused in Tartarus. That proved the Telchine theories (who went far as testing even fusing Cuetzpalins' Tonalcoatl [similar to the kratozoa] into the weapons, creating yet different Xiuhcoatl weapons) about creating such powerful weapons.

However, the "Scissor Trident", even though could trans-mutate its two inner elements, was no match for the original Trident, formed long ago. Being the very piece of craft which parted Apophis' own "Ater Adamantis" (which is present in huehueyolcatl in their 'early years') in five, creating the fragments known as "Great Vovin Crystals", to then reveal the five hidden elements, it was beyond any weapon based solely on one or another hidden element.
That knowledge is forbidden and very secret, very few know about how many hidden elements there are and what's what among these shifting elements. But the forger of the original Trident, Hydros (at time, Bythos), knows all too much of them and has led adventurous, curious, creative and mad sorcerers into understanding them through Chaos' own organism, own dimension, a secret part of Hydros' mind which he himself has no control of.

From this arcane knowledge and through the few Telchines that remain, they began crafting Sekhem, Xiuhcoatl and Caduceus all times trying to create a Trident. The Trident which was created recently (sometime around the year 4915 a.X) proved the Telchines theory, even though it opened up yet another question: How could Bythos/Hydros have crafted it if the elements weren't known at time and there was no tonalcoatl/kratozoa living at such immemorial time?

Some believe that when the Mnemosyne (silver liquid of memory, the chemo-synthetic adaptation of life in darkness) based Bythos fought Chaos-Scissor, it was split in the three spines that would compose the Trident plus one commanding entity (current Hydros) that would use it. Theorizing it, some assume that the spines composing the original Trident are Kuket-Nyx, Nun-Tartarus and Heh-Pontus. All these forms manifest more or less under the control of he who commands the Trident, until now only Hydros himself, despite his changing forms.

But time will come, through unexpected means, that other will shiver the power of changing subconscious and ipseity, the same who went on too far in order to craft a trident out of its original Scissor Caduceus. The Bairn of the Sea. This is the greatest turning point of the Apkallu Mythos.
Will be Prometheus' prophecy about the trident-shiver defeating the King of Gods true?
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