Kytrynn character sheet Picture

Age: Unknown
Species: Formerly human, now chaos god

What the hell is her damage?
This is a very, very, very old character (my first, in fact!) that I've revamped and played with over the years until she finally stopped being a Sue. She started as this broody bitchy antihero kind of person and now she's actually...kind of interesting (to me, anyway).

Started out as a human in a magic based world, born to a relatively normal family as some kind of magical prodigy. In her world, the expectation was that mages would get to a certain level of strength and then either settle down and teach or ascend to godhood, and Kytrynn chose the latter option. Not that she really knew what she was doing; she ended up asking the proctor during her ascension what kind of god she should be, who promptly informed her that she was a troublemaker and a homewrecker. Chaos god it was!
After some years of stirring up trouble and being generally up to no good, Kytrynn ended up settling down anyway and started taking on pupils, to the end of overthrowing the Council. They just kept getting in her way! So she'd travel from world to world finding young people with potential, take them under her wing for a year or two and then give them the option of either fleeing back to their home worlds (most of them did) or continuing to travel and cause trouble (a la Knives).
For better or worse, she really took a liking to Knives, and decided after that year was up to check on her family--she didn't want to dump Knives back in her world only for the poor kid to discover that her family had decided to completely erase her existence there. Unfortunately for Kytrynn, the higher Council of Gods decided they'd had enough of her screwing around and chose to seal her away just then. The sealing was only partially successful, and the part of her consciousness with divinity ended up escaping and decided to screw her human half, leaving the human Kytrynn sealed for about seven years while the god Kytrynn went out and did her own thing.

The human Kytrynn is a more carefree kind of person. She has a lot of energy and insane amounts of power, but there's not really anywhere for it to go. While she does display a surprising amount of emotional maturity at times, she is still quite self-centered. As a normal human, her main concern in life was the acquisition of more power, and becoming a god really hasn't changed her much.
The god Kytrynn, on the other hand...doesn't give a damn in the worst way possible. All she's concerned with is gathering the energy she's feeding off of. Her "stomach" is her number one priority. She's still trying to overthrow the Council (and they're plenty evil all on their own), but it's definitely not for the betterment of others. While her human side has the capacity to care for others and be somewhat self-sacrificing, the god Kytrynn most definitely does not. She is manipulative and selfish to the point of being self-defeating and self-destructive. She really should have been the one sealed away.

Other notes:
I don't envision humans ascending to godhood in the way typically displayed in mythologies that incorporate that belief. I think of divinity for humans being more like a parasite; it latches on to the dominant personality. Which is why god Kytrynn is an emotionally devoid selfish monster and the human Kytrynn much less so; as she matured, she developed more human qualities. The god side could have freed the human the second she was free, but didn't for one very important reason: she was no longer the dominant personality, as it were, and she wanted her freedom back.

tl;dr: Kytrynn is still a stone-cold bitch who should be wrapped in caution tape, barricaded inside a hazardous waste container and thrown off a bridge. Seriously.
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