BSS - Sailor Cernunnos Picture

Team Name: None

Senshi Name: Sailor Cernunnos

Civilian Name: Cerne (pronounced Sir-nah)

Senshi of: Wild Hunt

Level: Eternal

Ethnicity: Caucasian humanoid

Gender: Female

Birthday: Unknown

Age: Ancient

Height: 5'10”

Civilian Appearance: Not applicable, as she's never outside of her Senshi form. However, she does have waist-length rich brown hair that is wavy to the point of almost being curly. Her eyes are a bright forest green, her face is heart-shaped, and her lips are naturally a pale rose. She has pale skin but many scars and some calluses on her hands from tending to her bow. Her body is slender but muscled, she has broad, strong shoulders and arms to draw her weapon, and lean, strong legs from running around the cosmos.

Special abilities:

Tracker – Cerne is an expert tracker, especially when it comes to the minions of Chaos. Having been exposed to their ways and energies for so long, they're easy to find. She can also track mundane things as well, with the help of Cafall. Her hound has an excellent nose and although they can be foiled by cloaking magic and even more normal things like a patch of rock or water, it takes a lot to fool her and Cafall.

Hunter's Instincts – These are a set of instincts that Cerne has learned to follow over the years. It's what draws her to new quarries. She just has a sense about where powerful Chaos minions are and follows that sense as best she can. She's not always successful, and it's never a fast or tidy process, but she's learned to trust her instincts despite the pitfalls.

Space Bubbles – Cernunnos can create protective energy fields around her and Cafall that allow them to travel through space. They provide oxygen and warmth and are propelled by Cernunnos' will. They are also strong enough to withstand several attacks before she is forced to seek land or risk being lost in space.

Backstory: It is unknown when Sailor Cernunnos came into being, but what is clear was that she was alone. A solo hunter for many millennium, that changed on a chance mission to Earth. It was there she found her faithful hunting hound, Cafall, who became her constant companion and hunting partner. The pair scoured the cosmos in pursuit of Cernunnos' task: hunting the defeated souls of Chaos' Chosen. Cernunnos gathered these defeated souls and added them to what was known as the Wild Hunt. The souls fell under Cernunnos' command and were kept in limbo to prevent them from being reborn. For each soul she added to her Hunt, it only added to her power. Soon, her and her Hunt were being called upon to defeat the strongest of Chaos' minions, adding these dangerous souls to her group. However, the more souls she gathered, the more Cernunnos realized that she walked a dangerous path. She had no limits, no mission, no team to keep her in check, so she risked becoming a force of Chaos herself. The souls she gathered added to her power, but they also influenced her in personality. In a moment of clarity, Cernunnos realized she needed help. So she traveled to the birthplace of all Senshi: the Galaxy Cauldron.

There, she begged Guardian Cosmos to restrain her power, for fear of unleashing the evil of all the souls she'd gathered. Seeing the wisdom in this, Guardian Cosmos granted Cernunnos' wish. She was cut off from the souls of her Hunt. The Guardian placed the Hunt in a nether space, outside of time and influence, and bound Cernunnos' powers until she was no more powerful than any other Senshi in the cosmos. However, since to cut Cernunnos off from her powers completely would kill her, Guardian Cosmos divined a ritual that would briefly reunite Cernunnos with her Hunt. This ritual could only be revealed by the Guardian herself and had 4 very specific rules:

One – Cernunnos is forbidden to hunt the souls of the innocent and her fellow Sailor Senshi.

Two – In order to unleash the full power of the Wild Hunt, there must be a sacrifice on the part of the Senshi who summoned her.

Three – Until her quarry is caught and her task complete, Cernunnos must obey the summoner without question.

Four – If any of her summoners force her to hunt the souls of the innocent or fellow Sailor Senshi, Cernunnos can refuse and the one who summoned her is forced to join her Wild Hunt, a lost soul for all eternity. This rule also extends to Senshi corrupted by Chaos. No matter their alignment, Cernunnos cannot hunt her fellow Senshi.

Her powers bound, Cernunnos felt a weight lift from her shoulders and once again left the wander the galaxies. Guardian Cosmos offered her a chance at a normal life as a civilian, but Cernunnos refused. For although her full powers were bound, she still hunted the minions of Chaos. The Guardian pitied the young woman but admired her conviction and wished her well on her journey. Cernunnos returned to her wandering, alone but not lonely with Cafall at her side, and continued to hunt the minions of Chaos. She could no longer add the souls to her Wild Hunt, but she could still eliminate the minions and assist teams or individual Senshi as needed. For many centuries she was, if not happy, at least content with her existence and calm in the knowledge that she was safe from corruption.

One day while tracking a new quarry, she found her way to the planet Earth. The Silver Millennium was like nothing she had ever seen before and when she was invited to attend the wedding of Princess Chibiusa, she took it. It would be a chance to get to know the world and to narrow down where the essence of Chaos was that she had been tracking. She didn't have to wait long. The beast that she'd been tracking destroyed the wedding and was fended off only by the awesome power of Neo Queen Serenity. Cernunnos was eager to leave and return to tracking the beast, but the destruction of the Arrival Hall halted that. Angry and frustrated at having her quarry escape, Cernunnos was in a right temper, spending all of her time roaming in the wilds rather than stay in the Crystal Palace. Luckily she returned for supplies on the same day Sailor Omega arrived. When Omega offered a way to leave, Cernunnos couldn't get on that ship fast enough. The trail was cold, but her instincts told her if she took the voyage to Felician, then she would find what she was looking for. It may not be the beast who destroyed the wedding, but some aspect of Chaos would surely be in her path. The hunt was on again and Cernunnos was ready.

Personality: Cerne is a lone wolf through and through, unconsciously isolating herself from others and unwilling to allow people to get close to her. This doesn't mean she's unfriendly. In fact, Cerne loves sitting with fellow warriors, swapping stories, listening to jokes, and getting to know others. She has a willing ear and can sit calmly while someone cries on her shoulder. However, she doesn't maintain these bonds that she forges. She's friendly but she's distant. Calm and collected. It takes a lot to rattle her chain or even get her to blush at a naughty joke. Spend an hour chatting with her or hunt villains with her for a month and you'll know her no better than you did before. She's evasive when it comes to revealing deep secrets about herself and tends to divert and distract conversations away from her. This comes from Cerne's deep-rooted fear of temptation.

Having been tempted by corruption before, Cerne fears anything that could throw her off her path. This includes friendship, love, teammates, and even a life outside of being a Senshi. So she doesn't want them in her life. The only companion she has is a hound, which unlike companion animals from Mau or Chuu, has no higher intelligence and is just a dog. Simple, loyal, and beneath Chaos' notice. It's the reason why Cafall is her only true confidante and friend. Her paranoia about being tempted is so deep that she has a complete distrust of anyone to resist it. Having seen Senshi be tempted by Chaos time and again, she knows all it takes is the right offer for someone to give in to what they most desire. She has no attachments, she has no desires beyond fulfilling her mission, and that makes her content because it means she has nothing Chaos would want.

But despite this, Cerne only believes herself to be content. She has lied to herself for so long that she doesn't need attachments that she now believes it with her whole heart. Yet at her core, Cerne is like any other person. She wants love and friendship, but it's on a subconscious level. Sometimes she finds herself wanting to reveal her deepest secrets and hopes to people she's met and that terrifies her so she cuts herself off and retreats. To be thought of as cold or aloof doesn't bother Cerne in the least. In fact, it makes it better for her as people don't approach her that often, so it's easy for her to stay in her shell and continue her existence alone.

The one thing that drives her above all else is her mission. If she didn't have that to cling to for all of the millennia she's been alive, Cerne is unsure if she would even continue to exist. To hunt down Chaos' Chosen, to keep them from being reborn and to try and weaken Chaos' power, that is her eternal duty and she takes pride in it. While the scales can never be tipped entirely towards good, she still feels that eliminating Chaos' more powerful minions will help keep the creeping darkness at bay. It's a noble mission, and it's hers, and it's all she's ever known. To not have her mission, her duty, would be unthinkable. If the day ever came where Cerne was forced to take on a civilian form and be unable to wander as she chose, she'd most likely suffer an emotional breakdown. At least until she pulled herself together again.

Henshin Item and Description: A black hunting horn etched with designs of stags, hounds, horses, and runes for protection, strength, and magic. Cernunnos carries it around her waist and it cannot be separated for her.

Henshin Phrase: None

Henshin Description: None, she is never out of Senshi form

Senshi Appearance:

Shoulders: Cernunnos has leather shoulder pads that wrap around the back of her neck and are attached to her chest piece. This doubles as her collar. The pads are dark brown in color, stamped with silver Nordic runes uruz (strength and speed), gebo (gifts, balance), eihwaz (reliability, trustworthiness), and algiz (urge to shelter self or others).

Chest piece: A stiff leather breastplate that covers her from collarbone to waist. It has no straps, instead the shoulder pieces connect to the sides just above her breasts, using silver brooches. The breastplate is dark brown and has two ties on either side of her abdomen to secure it. The ties are made of black dyed cotton wrapped around steel wire, making it hard for them to be cut.

Belt: A wide, stiff leather belt, dyed black, and secured with a brass buckle. Sewn to it is her outer skirt drape. The drape is made of forest green fine linen, breathable and light. This drapes to her knees and conceals the hunting knives she carries underneath strapped to her upper thighs.

Skirt: Cernunnos wears a silver-grey skirt beneath her outer drape. The skirt is long enough to cover her upper thighs but is still very short. It's also made of light linen and easy to move in. To avoid embarrassment over such a short skirt, Cernunnos added a pair of short shorts underneath. They have saved her dignity many a time.

Boots: Black leather boots that reach above the knee. There are about four inches between the tops of her boots and the hem of her inner skirt. The leather is loose, so it falls in folds down her legs, but the boots themselves are snug and don't move around. She has no heel and comfortable, cushioned soles, perfect for long stints on her feet.

Gloves: Cernunnos wears an archer's arm guard on her left hand and forearm. It's brown leather, the same as her chest piece, and is stamped with silver designs of uruz and eiwahz for fast shooting and reliability in hitting the targets. It laces up on the outer side so as not to get tangled in the bow string.

Knives: Strapped to her thighs are two hunting knives. Both are short, about six inches for the blades and three for the hilts, one razor thin and used for piercing and the other an average hunting knife. She keeps them in black leather sheaths with a loop that attaches to the sheath and keeps her knives from flying out during combat. They have no magic or any bearing in her attacks at all, but what good hunter goes around without knives? Not a very good one.

Weapon and Description:

Venatrix – (latin for “huntress”) Cerne carries a recurve bow that has a 28 inch draw length and is made of sturdy, fine-grained white oak with a white leather grip molded to her hand. This bow is about as ancient as she is, so there are no modern attachments to it. She carries individual strings and has to warm the stave before shooting. She carries her bow in her quiver when its unstrung and the quiver is attached to a strap that crosses her chest. The quiver and strap are both white leather and the arrows are easily reached over her right shoulder. The quiver magically refreshes itself with new arrows, so Cernunnos is never without ammunition.

Attack Names and Descriptions: (*Note* The best way to tell which attack Cernunnos is using is to look at the color of her arrowhead, as it changes with each one. Cernunnos can also fire regular arrows, these are just her special, magical ones.)

Multi Shot – Cernunnos plucks an arrow from her quiver and draws. The arrowhead glows with dark blue light. She fires and the single arrow breaks into four, which fan out and can hit multiple targets. However, this makes the impact of these arrows weaker than the single arrow it would have been. So it's enough to stun an enemy, possibly pierce armor, but if the armor is plate, mail, or protected by magic, all it will do is impact. As this is Cernunnos' weakest attack, she can use it, and single-arrow draws, throughout combat.

Rapid Fire – Cernunnos pulls an arrow and draws. The arrow head glows silver, as does the rune uruz on her archer's glove. With this active, she is able to fire and draw faster than the eye can see. The fastest draw she's noted has been ten shots in ten seconds. However, the longer she uses this technique, the slower the draw, until the power fizzles out. So she typically only uses this in a small burst during battle and then not again. It's simply too much energy to use otherwise. Also, her arrows are stronger with this attack, able to fully pierce leather armor, and leave damage on other types.

Hunter's Kill – The strongest of her attacks and the one she uses to take down Chaos' Chosen. Once she's weakened the enemy, she draws a final arrow and activates uruz and eihwaz. The two runes add strength, speed, and reliability to her shot. It is powerful, channeling all of Cernunnos' remaining energy and boosting it. It will either kill the enemy outright or incapacitate them enough so Cernunnos or any other allies with her can go in and finish it. There are drawbacks from using this power. Once Cernunnos uses it, she's done. She can't do anything else in battle because it drains her, both magically and physically. She won't even be able to string her bow, let alone shoot it. This attack also puts her into a coma-like sleep until her energy is recovered. Gebo activates on both her shoulders and forces her to sleep, as balance for such a strong attack. So Cernunnos uses this finishing move as little as possible, preferring to rely on her regular arrows, Cafall, and any other allies to take an enemy down.

Guardian Name and Description:

Name: Cafall

Gender: Male

Species: Bluetick Coonhound

Height: 2 feet

Length: 2 feet, 3 inches from nose to tail

Weight: 68 pounds

Information: Cafall is loyal and true. He stands by Cernunnos' side and has done so throughout the centuries. While he does not speak, the two of them share a bond that allows them to communicate easily. Cernunnos obtained him when she visited Earth very early in her existence and fell in love with the mortal hunting hounds. He shares her longevity and is in the prime of his life. He also assists her on the battlefield, acting as a proud, strong warrior (although in reality, the most he can do is bite and possibly knock someone over, but it's cute watching him try). While Cafall is a serious hunter, he is also playful and like many dogs, enjoys just going for a run or playing ball with Cerne when they aren't hunting their next quarry. He tends to beg just about anyone to throw him a ball or wrestle when Cernunnos can't and uses his doggy charm to get his way. He is cautious around new people, but well-behaved. People can approach him but he'll want to fully investigate them first. Cafall's sense of smell is very strong and he also has instincts to sense darkness in people. He's protective and doesn't allow anyone suspicious to get near Cerne. Also, he has a bad tendency to chase any animal smaller than him, including Senshi guardian cats. It's caused some problems in the past, but Cerne is working on training him to not do that.


Well! After a few weeks of working, between school and WoW Cernunnos kinda fell on the back burner for a bit. But now she's polished up and ready to submit to the Bay of Silver Stars! I'm excited you guys, it's been ages since I've made a new Senshi and I really like Cernunnos. I've never made an archery-type Senshi before and she's very much steeped in Celtic mythology. I also love Cafall. Bluetick coonhounds are some of the most curious little buggers you'll ever meet. You gotta keep them entertained, or they'll find their own trouble. So yes, am excited, hope Cernunnos gets accepted, and if not, I'll use her somehow!

Also, yes, I did note Dezi to ensure that the ritual is in fact okay. It seems OP but once you think about it: who wants to risk what kind of sacrifice you're going to require just to take down an enemy? Even if that enemy is seemingly unbeatable? Not to mention the risk if you discover your enemy is actually a corrupted Senshi, then it's your soul on the line and there's nothing you can do. So yes, Dezi said that since the qualifications to achieve the ritual are really damn high, it is good. Thanks Dezi!

Sailor Cernunnos (c) Ree
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi

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