Revolver Chronicles: Afterland Warriors C3 Picture

Chapter 3.

This part of course, involves a briefing on the events and the like.

Funny thing is, it seems everyone save for Hanbei and Sima Zhao seem to be taking this full throttle, though Zhao is pretty serious about this however.

*Note: Sima Zhao is now Balance type instead of Power, and his moveset is a combo of both his DW7 sword and DW8 Striking Sword movesets, along with his Warriors Orochi abilities added in. His weapons are now named after both the English and Japanese ports with alterations, with his third signature weapon being Tenkuu Untou (Aether Cloud Blade), his fourth being Tenkuu Gokoutou (Aether Halo Blade), new fifth being Rekkuu Unhatou (Violent Air Cloud Supreme Blade), and his new sixth being Shinkuu Gokousentou (Vacuum Halo Hermit Blade).
Cloudburst (Unbaku) is now the name of one of his attacks, which is his WO3 R1.
CV: Daisuke Kishio (岸尾 だいすけ, Kishio Daisuke), VA: Kaiji Tang

*Note: Ma Chao is now Defense type instead of Speed (DEFENDER OF JUSTICE~!!!). Ma Chao has his base DW3-5 spear moveset with attacks from DW7-8 mashed in, as most if not all DW characters have their DW6-8 moves to be chained into from their C3's done with X (Square, Square, X), then after hitting R1 during that time, they would be able to use X, Square or Triangle to use their alternate combos for more complex strings. Though in the case of VF, Circle would be used instead of R1 for the combo branch trigger.
His weapons are also slightly named after the Asian ports as well, with his third weapon being Makisen (Horse Riding Tipper), fourth being Ryuukisen (Dragon Riding Tipper), fifth as Souryuusen (Twin Dragon Tipper), and his new sixth weapon being Ryuuraikisen (Dragon Thunder Riding Tipper).
**All characters also have altered running animations to match their current pace since DW7, despite using their DW3-5 movesets being their bases.
CV: Kouji Haramaki (服巻 浩司, Haramaki Kouji), VA: David Berón

*Also, air dashes/aerial thrusts in this kind of case are no longer exclusive to Speed type, and are character dependent in terms of who's agile or not. So in a sense for example, both parties of three mentioned here can all air dash, regardless of character type.
*Defense types in the WO sense, can have super armor during any of their attacks or against any weak attack during most states, only they can split damage done to them in half, and depending on how strong the move is, they can either not flinch or get damaged as usual. They can also "push guard" like in Dynasty Warriors 3, by using Square while getting hit by enemy attacks, but only once per hit that lands on them, and not multiple times on one opponent like before.
*Power types can now use certain attacks to guard break, and can only have super armor while attacking, only the damage done to them is not reduced.
*Wonder types no longer have their "guard break throw" mechanic, and can do a special dash cancel with Triangle+Circle, much like the Spirit Charge (which uses up Stamina). Speed types can still jump cancel almost all their attacks, though some moves all characters have can be jump cancelled.
**In a sense, most of these mechanics are a bit reworked due to the game playing in a more universal style in terms of character movesets, as well as borrowing more from CyberConnect2 systems as well.
***The R1 skills (now called EX Strikes) are now more like CotLE, in that you hold down R1 plus Square, Triangle or Circle to use your skills, and L1+R1 for Supers. There are also "Tilt Direction"+R1+S, T or C, not unlike the Ultimate Ninja Storm series' tilt combos also like in CotLE. Unlike the Skillcards, the skills are all preset.
****The other special moves are done as basic combo finishers not unlike the Warriors series' Charge Attacks (those are classified as the Special Moves instead).
****EX Moves that the Dynasty Warriors characters can perform are now done as R1+S/T/C skills, and so are other attacks in this vein; for example, one character's EX Strike is S, S, S, S, R1+S.

*Hanbei Takenaka is his Samurai Warriors incarnation. Only with his weapons being named after the Asian ports, and his ENG VA being the Hanbei from Sengoku Basara. He is also still "technically" Wonder Type as of WO3, but since both Japanese localizations of the Wonder type are different (with WO's Wonder being "Flash" and VF's being "Wonder"), it's hard to say.
CV: Umeka Shouji (庄司 宇芽香, Shouji Umeka), VA: Chris Cason

*The Kaguya from Touhou has the same voices as of CotLE of course, Natsumi Takamori (高森 奈津美, Takamori Natsumi; who voiced her in Musou Kakyou) and Nicole Oliver.
**Warriors Orochi's Kaguya who's the original one of mythology has seiyuu Yuki Makishima (牧島 有希, Makishima Yuka) dream-reprising her role from WO3/MO2, while her dream-English voice is Jad Saxton.

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